Thursday, September 8, 2016

Late summer vibe with Athleta

Summer is quickly leaving the Pacific Northwest as we speak. I have been taking a long break from blogging and have been finding new interest like yoga and pilate. I also was pleased to find out that athletic wear is much better suited for my body type than regular fashion house cloths. To give you a little bit of background on my body type, I am 163cm (5'4") and around 57kg (125 ponds) with muscular thighs and bum. I have been active my whole life, starting with ballet at the age of 3, followed by taekwondo for 5 years. In the last 6 years, I have taken interest in playing table-tennis and still am today. This has made me fairly built on my lower body and finding the right pants/skirts to wear has always been a big challenge.
Early this year, I started doing at home pilate to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility. I began searching for workout wear and after a few trials and errors, I discovered Athleta. This is NOT a sponsored blog post (how I wish it was though lol). What I like about Athleta is the way their cloths fit my body. They have thought just about everything such as: better waist band design so nothing digs or cuts in, flexibile material so you don't feel like (or worse, look like) a stuffed sausage. During their end of summer sale, I scored this beautiful flowy skirt (seen below). It is so airy and comfortable. The material is breathable and lightweight. I traveled to California with it and it never wrinkles after sitting in the plane for 2 hours.
So far I have about 2 pages of items favourited on their website and I am looking forward to add more pieces for both work out and everyday wear. Whoever invented the athletic wear, I thank you :)

Levis' denim cropped jacket, Cotton T by Madewell, Skirt (stripped version on sale here) by Athleta, comfy sandals by Algeria (different colour here) and Coach saddle bag (several options here) and pom pom from Yoga studio 55 (her Etsy shop link here).

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mid summer early evening and a new piercing

I found this dress in my closet clean out two weeks ago and realised I had not worn it in more than two years! Under normal circumstance, I "should" get rid of it since it has been so long! I put it on, worrying it would be too tight across the chest/back area (since I have been doing alot more work outs like table-tennis and yoga etc). Luckily, everything still fit! It is not something you want to wear during the peak of hot/humid summer but for that early or late summer evening out, it is a very good option with the longer sleeves to keep you warm in case of that evening breeze. Anyway, I will let the pictures do the talking.
Something to reveal as you scroll down the pictures, I got a new ear piercing (just a single one on my left ear). I got my initial two piercings when I was only 13 years old in Perth, Australia. I then had some infections from the piercings (went to a chemist and they used the gun piercing). It was so painful and traumatising, it had stopped me from getting anymore new piercing again. I later learnt that gun piercing is actually not that great for tissue healing. The preferred (and hygienic way) would be hand piercing. The piercing is cleaner and more precise which both help with the healing process. After a little bit of online looking around, I found a nearby piercing studio (Black Hole Body Piercing and Tattoo) with really good reviews, and I just did it! I have to be patient and let it heal (2-4 months, I was told). Can't wait to add some dainty stud earring later on! I already liked some from Etsy haha.

Balenciaga Town bag, Sam Edelman sandals
Lindberg sunglasses, Na Hoku plumeria rose gold pendent (purchased in Honolulu Hawaii) and Vita Fede two tone bangle. Big thanks to Rachel who did my piercing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cropped and stripes

Happy summer to all of you who lives in the northern hemisphere. This season I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and try the cropped top. I have only bought one so far to test it out, but as I become more comfortable with this style and it's pairing, I am sure I will be adding more pieces.
I found this cute denim ruffle top from Zara last week when we made a spontaneous day trip to Seattle. To me, Zara is like a treasure hunting ground. You must be committed to spend at least a hour inside, browsing through various racks and corners. The most important part is to actually bring everything you think you may be interested in to the fitting room and try them on. It is a hideous process for someone like me who's impatient and don't always love what I see in the reflection. However, I have learnt to eliminate the negativities and focus on what looks good on my body.
This top is incredibly comfortable. Its light weight, airy and best of all does not show too much stomach. I hope you like what I have paired it with. I am ready to face the summer :)

Zara denim ruffle top (sold out, but similar one from Madewell here), Clarks Temira sandals (here, so comfortable), Coach saddle bag 23 (here, my is the smaller size) and Lindberg sunglasses