Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Tulip Festival

Happy middle of the week everyone. Today's outfit is just something I threw together in less than ten seconds. The original plan was to wear thr (not shown) beautiful floral full skirt from my friend Thao (in Seattle) that she recently sent me in a goodie box. It is gorgeous and so perfect for spring but until I put it on I realized the waist is a bit too tight on me. I plan on taking it to the tailor to have it loosen up so I can show you what it looks like (and to Thao too). I will show it in a future post :)
With the weather being so unstable (fluctuates between 10 degree C in a day), how do you dress in the morning? I know layering is probably the best way but sometimes I am just too lazy to take extra layers with me. Soon after these photos were taken, I was sweating pretty badly (TMI I know lol).
One new accessory I can show you are my new Vince leather slip on shoes from Shopbop (here) which I picked up recently during their Friends and Family sale. I am still in the process of breaking them in but so far so good :)

I want to squeeze in a picture of the Oregon Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival we visited yesterday. It was windy and cold but we managed to snap some beautiful shots while we were there :)
Aren't they beautiful? It's like being in a sea of flowers <3

Monday, April 13, 2015

Mod dress after the long hiatus

I have been a busy bee in the last month. My family and I (parents, brother and sister in-law) all went to Osaka, Japan for a reunion trip during the Sakura (cherry blossom) festival. We had a fantastic time together filled with loads of eating, walking, Universal Studio (Harry Potter), sight-seeing etc. There is nothing like being with close family again especially whom (brother) I had not seen in almost 2 years :) You can catch some of our fun time together via my Instagram. If you have never been to Japan, I would recommend it, highly. But expect to work out in the gym for a few months before you go, because it involves a LOT of walking climbing stairs and simply just needs to have high energy level. I spend about a week there and I think it's just the right amount of time for me. On the last day my feet finally had some minor blisters on the toes (despite I was in socks and my Nike trainer the entire time). Oh, there is so much to talk about but I will just tell you the best part of this trip is the FOOD. I could eat Japanese food every meal, everyday :)
I am wearing one of the fashion pieces I bought in Japan in this post. The print reminded me of the 70's mod period. The best thing about this dress is it's fabric. The stretchy material allows maximum movement (for a clumsy girl like myself) and it has no zipper or buttons.
I will be back posting weekly again and I will be honest with you, I have missed having a car haha.

Dress from Japan, Dolce Vita loafers form Shopbop (old), Rebecca Minkoff Love bag in Moon (navy), Etsy find silver dainty rings (get them here) , Tiffany and Co. pendent and Vita Fede bangle (silver and gold combo here).
Have a fantastic week ahead, thanks so much for reading :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello spring

So, where have I been? Well, in the last post I explained to you about my work new development. Soon after that I planned to resume regular blog posting but then out of no where both of my finger nails (left and right) became infected. Apparently it is pretty common, this "hang nail" issue. But try not to goggle or search on YouTube about DIY treatment. I found some pretty unpleasant videos of how people would remove the infection themselves (major ouch factor).
Anyway long story short, I practically was disabled for a few days with sore and swollen fingers. You also realised how important just missing one of your fingers is like. Typing, writing, opening up a bottle or even washing my hair was so painful. It's been several days and they are finally starting to get better. What a great start of spring eh?
On the brighter note, we will be travelling to Osaka, Japan in less than a week time for a family reunion trip. Parents, brother and his wife are all going to meet there (from different countries). I have never been to Osaka and I heard it is a food lovers heaven (hello? food!) so I am really excited about it. I will update you with hopefully with lots of Instagram pictures so stay tuned. In the meantime, I am smiling because spring is finally here (plus I finally have functional fingers again).

Rebecca Minkoff made in NYC MAC in black, Lindberg sunglasses, Dolce Vita loafers (old) from Shopbop. Rest of the outfits are gifts from mum.