Thursday, May 21, 2015

Going to the movies

Have you ever done anything that is just totally spontaneously? Well, recently we have! Two days ago we just decided to drive to Seattle to have lunch, yes lunch lol. Seattle is three hours away and we happened to have a rental car to use so we thought, hey, might as well :p Anyway, that is not today's post is about. Another spontaneous thing we did recently was to go catch a movie that we had not heard or known anything about. We watched Ex Machina and it turned out to be better than expected and I, personally really loved it! I won't spoil anything for anyone but if you love sci-fi as much as I do, I am pretty confident you will enjoy this movie (p.s. the leading female actress Alicia Vikander is my new girl crush<3).

Excuse for my really casual outfit. I am in my comfy floral leggings and these new Ash high top shoes. I have been collecting slip on shoes this season and this pair will be my last new shoe addition for probably this year (I am on the ban island currently, give me well power to stay good guys!!)

Levi's purple floral leggings, SWORD leather jacket (old), Balenciaga anthracite City bag with rose gold hardware and Ash Venus Lace High Top Sneakers (on sale here), neon bracelets from my friend Mona (her fabulous online shop La Mone here) and Lindberg sunglasses.

My new kicks, a modified "Converse" look but with cute girly lace touch :)

Let me know what spontanveous things have you done lately? :)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My watch style with JORD wood watch

If you have been reading my blog, you probably would have seen some of them in various outfit posts as well as my Instagram (kiwifashionblog follow me here). Well, I probably wouldn't call that a collection but I do own about four watches.
I have always been a watch girl, even with the smart phone invention that came along a few years ago. I know alot of people gave up on wearing watches and simply just use their phones to tell time but for me, wearing a watch is like wearing a piece of arm jewellery. It is a reflection of my style also it is a fun way to dress up the wrist (excuse to wear bracelets and bangles).
I wear a watch almost everyday. Without it, I feel lost, almost "naked" and insecure. So when JORD wood watch contacted me to take a look at their collection, I was beyond thrilled. I have seen wooden watches before. I know there are also wooden eye glasses frames but I have never owned one myself. What impressed me the most is the lightweight-ness. It is very comfortable on the wrist. I couldn't even feel it. There are several colours of wood texture to choose from. Overall, I am very happy with the watch and am pleased to welcome it into my (hopefully) growing collection. It is the perfect combination of rustic and feminine.  Oh, did I mention the watch came packaged beautifully as well? (sorry, I don't have the box to show you anymore since I was too excited and ripped it open within seconds haha).

Coach mini Tanner bag (old), JORD wood watch in Ely with cherry colour(get it here), Sam Edelman Petty suede boots (get them here), rings from Stella and Dot (stackable here) and QVC (on clearance here), and bracelet from Baublebar (old but I am lusting this trio, so so pretty <3)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tartan dress for spring

Who says tartan is only for cold weather? Not I, for sure. Don't let the pattern fool you. The material for this dress (actually it is a sleeveless dress with a top over it) is sheer and lightweight. I don't know about you but I am someone who is always on the cold side. I tend to always have a jacket with me even in the summer time. So to me, this design is perfect because it covers my arms and with my trusty long socks, I think I am well protected for this very temperamental early spring weather. I hope the pictures are doing the dress justice. I absolutely love the sheer back too. Some of you may think these slip on sneakers I am sporting here don't quite go with the dress but I am completely smitten with them so I don't really care if they didn't :)
Hope you all are having a good day. I have a few busy days ahead at work so I am very much looking forward to the weekend ahead!

Bear two tartan dress, Givenchy small Antigona bag, Vince slip on sneakers (here, true to size) and Lindberg sunglasses.