Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day for the year 2012

I am not one of those people who do excessive celebration on holidays. Normally I pretty much enjoy a more "low-key" style...stay home, watch a good movie and go to bed at an appropriate time. Yes, I am dull, boring but I often feel "safer" staying in than being out with the party crowd.
Today is a rare sunny day. Despite the freezing temperature (at exactly 0 degree C), I really do enjoy my walk around town running various errands!!
I love wearing tights during the winter time. To me, they are way more comfortable than jeans. I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do on the last day of 2012. Have fun and be safe :)

Scarf by Alexander McQueen, bag by Rebecca Minkoff (Covet) and Balenciaga moto jacket in Havana.

See you next year!! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas

I hope all of you who celebrate the holiday had a wonderful time. Besides a leaky ceiling right before Christmas Eve, I attended church and had a wonderful Italian meal for lunch. I also went to watch The Hobbit and thoroughly enjoyed the movie!
I took these photos right before Christmas. I am on a roll with the red purses. Luckily I own three now so you will not get bored of seeing me carrying the same thing over and over again :)
Wearing all purple today. I love these cordoroy pants. They are so warm and the fabric has a little bit of shimmer to it. Perfect for a grey gloomy day! This scarf has the funniest rabbit pattern on. I acquired it overseas last month while in Asia. My scarf collection has definitely grown since!
Large Affair bag by Rebecca Minkoff, booties by Vince Camuto (now 50% off here)
Just a few more days before 2012 ends, anything else you want to accomplish?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve everyone! I decided to be festive and wear mostly red today to celebrate the holiday! You do remember my recently acquired Coquelicot Balenciaga City bag from the lovely Julie (her blog The Fashion Minx)? It's perfect for the season. I added a new bag charm to it too (an owl pirate to be exact). I thought it suites the bag perfectly!

I am doing absolutely nothing today. I want to go watch Breaking Dawn part two finally today. I still have not seen it yet lol. I hope you are all having a relax day with whoever you decide to spend with! Keep warm, or cool (southern hemisphere) and I will see you post Christmas!

Scarf by Zara, bag by Balenciaga and boots by Frye (my other favourite pair here, waiting for them to be reduced or at least go on sale lol)


Monday, December 17, 2012

Rainy day

Sorry for the lack of post this past week. My photographer man got a bit of a cold and was out of commision for several days. Today is his first day of feeling slightly better but of course we experience freezing cold rain and it became apparently early in the day that we were not going anywhere for blog photographs. My backyard came into resecue. I did one post last winter in my backyard near the frenchdoor (see this post) but I'd rather not to if I can head out to a location.
Holiday is near, are you all decorated/gifts shopping/self-giving/etc ready? I am heading south for a week filled of sport tournament. I will have this post tie you down until I return this weekend for more outfit posts!

p.s. I am on a roll with the shorts/skort look! I hope you like what I am wearing here :)
p.p.s. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (kiwifashionblog), you have already seen this faux pearl collar necklace!

Bag is Leopard Covet by Rebecca Minkoff
Be careful out there with all the wild crowd and keep yourself warm for those of you who live in the cold climate like I do :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

Well, it's kind of late (two days late to be exact) but I bring you this post from the 9th of December, my birthday, to show you some of the surprises my loved-one(s)had created for me.
First of all, what I was wearing. Faux chinchilla coat by Calvin Klein, fuax leather skort and snake-embossed high platform heels with strippy T to top of my birthday outfit. I was wearing Ippolita rock-candy earrings and bag is Mulberry Alexa in medium size. Sunnies are by Lindberg.

I had a wonderful surprised italian lunch with my friends, was also surprised by a brand new Ipad (my ever first one), movie tickets, a pot of beautiful flower amongst other gifts. So many well wishes on my facebook. I could not have asked for a more fulfilling birthday.
Thank you everybody!! :)
p.s. my first gift of the day, my very own/first Ipad! YAY!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ski bunny

This is my first post after my 2 1/2 week trip being away. It's nice to be back. Excuse for my very tired and jetlagged face. I have to hide it with my shade! When you are tired, you naturally feel cold so I am wearing my puffy bubble jacket. The key things here are my new to me gorgeous 2011 Coquelicot Balenciaga City bag (from the gorgeous Julie of The Fashion Minx) check out her stylish blog and my statement necklace. Julie and I are new friends and I wish to learn from her incredible fashion sense!

Turtle-neck T by UNIQLO (many choices here), jeans by True Religion and booties are DV by Dolce Vita
My early birthday pressie from mum! Statement necklace!!
Close up at this new to me Coquelicot City
I cut my hair, it's a bit more manageable now.
Keep yourself warm and have a great weekend guys!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Long coat

I do not own that many long coats, I think a total of two and this moss green colour belongs to that group. I have had this coat for quite a long time, in fact, I think it was during my university year. When I first got it, it actually came with shoulder pads (haha, don't laugh now). I later had them removed and it fitted me much better (I already have boarder shoulders).

7 For All menkind coated skinny (here), Vince Camuto Marcin Booties (here)
Juicy Couture bee pendent and penguin bag charm (30% off at JC site) and Balenciaga Outremer City

I should be back to my "regular posting schedule" later on this week. First, gotta rid my jetlag lol. See you soon! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Denim and tweet

Can you believe that December is coming! One more month left in the year 2012! Ever since 2000 hit, I felt like each year has gone by faster and faster! Or is it just me dreading the feeling of getting older and older (sigh).
I am returning home soon so I will bring you one more pre-planned post today. I want to show off my newest tweed dress I acquired from my fashionable mum. I need to get more cotton long-sleeved T in different colours to wear with this dress. Right now this militray T from Gap looks a bit dull (I am thinking a bergundy or dark purple colour would make this dress look very differetn).

Denim fur coat by Bear2 (old), Cotton T by Gap (many colours here), Frey riding boots (worth the investment), Ippolita Wonderland earrings (love these too) and Balenciaga Outremer City

See you in December! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


One of the best things about cold weather is I get to wear all of my colourful scarves. I have at least ten. My most precious one is a birthday gift from my love last year by Alexander McQueen (see original post here). While I love it and wear it alot, my go to are my three lovely Love Quotes (see this post for my scarf collection).

I love over-sized scarf. I can double it up, wear it as a shawl or make knots and tie it in different way to dress up any dull looking winter outift. My best source for LQ scarves are Zappos. I am currently eyeing for this particular one (it's on sale too)!

As this post finds you, I am still away and enjoying some quite family time with mum and dad :) I hope you all are doing well and please still comment and write to me. I will reply and always appreciate you reading my blog :)

Love Quotes scarf, Juicy Couture tweet jacet, Frey riding boots (love these), YSL Arty ring in lapis and Mulberry medium Alexa in black (get the brown version here)

To the US readers, Happy Thanksgiving :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you spot the yellow?

Hello everyone. Hopefully you are doing well. It's almost the end of the week so hang in there :)
I am currently away and like I mentioned in my last two posts, I did not bring photographer man with me so this is a scheduled post. We took these photos last week around the corner near our lunch sushi resturant. I love Japanese food! I think I can eat it every single day haha.
Can you spot my Mangue (mango) Balenciaga amongst all the leaves? It is certainly winter now. I am trying to practice self- control on spending so I can hopefully get some good fashion deals when end of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas shopping period arrive! What is your secret on self-control in terms of shopping?

My ombre hair before I had it "gloss" washed and discovered the ombre is sort of gone (sigh)
H&M necklace
See you all in a week. I have more pictures to share with you :)