Thursday, July 28, 2011

White dress with white bag

What do you think? Too matchy matchy?
I have my Rebecca Minkoff Brown/White Basketweave Morning After Bag with me today. I paired it up with a mostly white dress and a pale yellow light spring/summer jacket.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuxedo dress

Simple dress outfit with my trusty Balenciaga Anthracite City with Giant Rose Gold hw

Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Perry, oh I love her!

I've only been to a few concerts on entire life lol
Last Friday DH took me to see Miss Katy Perry. I liked her, but didn't really know or think too much about her, but after the concert, I can say that I LOVE her. She is so genuine and cute. She reminds me of that eccentric girl Luna from the Harry Potter story lol but cooler and edgier!

This is my outfit before we were heading into the concert hall. Can you tell I was having trouble finding the tickets? I brought my Balenciaga Anthracite City with RGGH with me btw. Dress is by H&M I found in Toronto.

Here comes Katy!!

She has the cutiest blinged out pink guitar!

We had so much fun singing with her and dacning with the crowd! Katy! We love you! ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yellow summer dress

It's finally warm and sunny again! I quickly busted out my colourful jewel neckline summer dress, pairing it with my Balenciaga Anthracite City with RGGH (avaliabel from HgBags).

I am going to Katty Perry's concert today. Expect more fun pictures to come! Have a nice Friday everyone!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hi Mister Lapis Arty!

The YSL Arty ring has been all the rage amongst bloggers and alot of The PurseThe Purse Forum (TPF) girls. I was never into custome jewlery but over time this design has grown on me and I have decided to try it myself. After searching high and low for the best colour as my first one, I settle for this gorgeous Lapis (glass) with antique matt gold ring.

I have very skinny fingers and after reading various reviews to size up on this design I opted for a size 5. What I found is a bit odd is the invoice says size 5 but the tag attached to the ring itslef says "6" (?) It fits though that's what it matters lol I plan to wear it on my right middle finger!
By the way I ordered it from Net-A-Porter
They arrived wonderfully packaged and they even sent me a nice black tap measurer in a little pouch as a "welcome" gift. How sweet!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bracelets and watch combo

I almost never put my bracelets on the same hand as my watch. My Cartier Roadster in stainless steel got so scratched because I was doing the same hand pairing so now I always wear my bracelets on my right hand.
Anyone finding it wearing bracelets on your dominant hand a bother? Anyway, today I decided to try wearing my amethyst stretchy bracelets with a stainless steel bangle with amethyst drop ball together with my Tag watch. I have 4 watches and this Tag is the smaller ones. I really want a all rose gold Rolex or a Cartier but that won't be happening for many more years lol

Do we like?

Monday, July 11, 2011

My mini holiday part 3

So I thought I'd continue with some more postings of my mini holiday.
We visited the great Niagara Fall from the Canadian side. The train ride from Windsor to Niagara Fall took about 4 hours. It's not the most comfortable train but I was glad it had Wi Fi so I could finally use the internet lol

Here is Niagara Fall! We took a LOT of pictures but of course I am just showing you a few of them lol

We were splashed!! The power of the fall is huge! And they were not yellow rubbish bag we were putting on lol They were provided by the park so people like me could protect my outfit and my leather bag :p

At the gift store I found these adorable walking sticks in animal and bug forms lol To bad my legs are working perfectly fine :p
Oh and a side note, everything especially food is VERY expensive there. A small bottle of water costs almost USD$5 (GST included). I wish I could just drink the fall water, at least it's fresh (looks it) and it's free haha.

I saw this cute Canadian policewoman! Quick, I needed to take a picture with her! She's so cute! I wonder how is she going to scare off the bad guys? Maybe there aren't any bad people in Niagara Fall lol

While waiting for the bus ride back to the trainstation, I was bored so DH and I wanted to show some PDA :p lol

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sneak preview of my "Ok I have to go on ban" splurge!

Let's take a break from my holiday pictures! Honestly there weren't too many "fashion' factor in them lol. My "I am banned" came a bit earlier this year because of this investment piece I bought. Let me explain, I already owned one in the most lovely colour, why do I NEED another one? Because it is THAT amazing and I found myself wearing the one a lot during our long winter cold months!

So I broke down, contacted Erica at HgBags and got myself a Balenciaga Black Moto Jacket with the hot silver hw!!!
It is summer here but I didn't care. I had to try it on. I layered a thin cotton dress with leggings underneath. What do you think?

And here it is zipper. Alot of the girls don't wear the jacket zipped but I think it looks more edgy zipper especially if I pair it with a colour scarf!
My poor Moutard Velo is all flatten out in the background lol. I took her out so I will be using her in the next coming weekdays!

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 2

After an exhuasting day, we were ready for more fun the next day in Windsor. July 1st is Canada Day so we were expecting to go se some Canadian firework that night. BUt in the morning we went to Lake Erie.

Before our adventurous departure!

Walk along the swamp then off to picnic lunch and vollyball in the sun!

Then we are off to the lake. It is a HUGE lake, you can't even see the other end! It feels like the beach and the ocean to me!

We ended the night near Detroit river. Growing up in Australia and New Zealand made it very strange to be able to stare right at another country from the other side of the river. It's just odd lol

Last thing to do is of course the fireworks! More pictures coming for day 3 soon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anniversary Trip part 1

July 4th is Dear Husband (DH) and I's anniversary! This is great because it means it will always be a public holiday as long as I sitll live here in the US lol. We decided to go somewhere neither of us have never been! Toronto Canada!

This is what I wore! Casual outfit. Hat is from H&M, and bag is Marco Tagliaferri that I got from HgBags. This is the medium size in the colour Mud with silver hw.

Day one, we flew red eye to Detroit. My uncle recently moved to Windsor Canada, 35min drive from Detroit. We took a quick nap and then went to the outlet mall across the street with my 3 little cousins! I was wearing Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch in Tangerine colur I got from Luna Boston.

Us going through the stores including an all Canadian dollar store lol

In the afternoon, we decided to take a ride in the nearby park, breath in some fresh Canadian air!

We were exhuasted after the first day but the fun had just begun! More pictures to come tomorrow!!