Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunset in the city with Rocksbox

Ever since I started working, I have been very much into jewelleries. I have a box of them neatly organised. Amongst all of the jewellery type, rings and necklaces are my favourites. I tend to buy a few pieces every season depends on if the new trend is my cup of tea. Recently I discovered Rockbox. I had never heard them before but I was aware of many different kinds of subscription services (mostly cosmetic). It turned out, Rocksbox is a jewellery borrow monthly subscription service. You filled out a style survey (which you can re-take as your style and taste can change), you browse their website and create a wishlist. Every month, they mail you a total of 3 pieces based on the information you have provided to them. You can wear them for a whole month and at the end of the month you can return all of them then get 3 more pieces again next month. If you decide to keep some (or all), you can purchase them as a very discounted price.
Long story short, it is like the Purse Borrow or Steal, but then it's the jewellery instead.I really like the concept of this. I get to wear alot of the "on trend" pieces without spending too much money on them (not to mention accumulating them). And every month I get new pieces to play around with. It costs $19 a month and you can cancel anytime.
I will show you closer pictures of the 3 items I received in my first month with Rocksbox down below. If you decided to give it a try, use KIWIFASHIONBLOGXOXO to get your first month FREE.
My favourite piece this month is the Kendra Scott necklace in rose gold. It comes with an adjustable chain and in a lovely rose gold metal finish.

Chanel red medium boy bag, Clarks Nubuck leather Oxford (last season, but very similar version in perforated leather here), Lindberg sunglasses.

I am loving my first three pieces and I can't wait for next month. Thanks so much for reading :)
ps. all Rocksbox images cutesy of Rocksbox official website.
Sophie Harper Triangle Pyramid Studs in Gold

Gorjana Gold Rush Bracelet

Kendra Scot Cami Rose Gold Necklace in Brown Mother of Peal

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New York Fashion Week Inspiration with Eventbrite and a "what if..." moment

Every February social media is always buzzing about the upcoming New York Fashion Week. Most of us can only dream about ever going to one. Instead, we live viciously through some of the big name bloggers and celebrities who get front row seats to our favourite designers' shows. A few years ago, I did attempt to put my names down to some of the online competitions and drawings, hoping I'd be the lucky girl to take my mum or a friend to NYFW. These days, I am just happy browsing online like Instagram and Snapchat (my is kiwifashionblog, and kiwitweedy).

With NYFW fast approaching, I was inspired to create my version of what to wear if I'd ever get to go. Here are some of the essentials when I think of NYFW. First, how to battle the cold?  Faux fur automatically becomes a staple piece. Then, comfy shoes. One of the biggest complaints with bloggers is how their feet are always killing them by the end of the day running from show to show. Lastly, a bold lip. Sunglasses are essential so it is important to show off your lips. Let's face it, most of them are probably exhausted from the late parties the night before or simply still adjusting to different time zones.
So, here is my "interpretation" if I were to attend NYFW. A warm faux fur coat (full sleeve length because our arms get cold too), comfy black tights and mary-jane style clogs(good to fast walk or even run if needed), big sunglasses to hide those tired eyes and dark circles and lastly bold red lips.

If you would like to experience  NYFW you can still purchase tickets to some of the events via Eventbrite (link here). I think if I am being realistic here, I would love to go to Rebecca Minkoff's show. I have been her fan since the very early stage of her blooming career. I have also watched her live shows online and I just love the fun and unique vibe. Let's keep hoping, Rebecca Minkoff, one day, I shall meet you :)

For more opportunities to go to different events, go to Eventbrite for more information :)

ASOS faux fur coat (old, but LOVE this one on sale now), Rebecca Minkoff earrings (old, but similar in silver here), Vita Fede Mini Titan two tone bangle (my is in XS here), Lindberg sunglasses, Nars Matte Lip pencil (crimson red) and bag is from a little shop when I was in Asia two years ago (vegan leather).

Fun Iphone cover from Milky Way (yes, my says Rice Before Guys).
The cutest corgi crossing the street <3