Monday, July 27, 2015

Strolling around the City Hall

Over the weekend we walked pass our City Hall (Portland) and suddenly realised it has really interesting architectural columns in the front. The best thing about it was the area was relatively empty. Perfect for some quick photo snapping. I was in my comfy cargo pants and did not realise with the red bag I'd end up looking similar to a Christmas tree. Oh well, weekend dress down I guess. While these pants are comfortable, I now see they somehow made my wide hips a bit wider lol. I assure you, I am not this "hippy" in real life. I am starting to do some target specific floor work out at home and hopefully it will help tighten that area just a little. Ha, wish me luck (especially on my consistency lol).

I am entering a really stressful time at work. We have a brand new (no experience at all) assistant starting today. Lots to teach her, lots of transition and change..s..hope all goes well in the end :) (ps. Anouk of Luxessed, ready for a holiday break?)

This outfit featuring the dark red Chanel Le Boy bag <3 Needless to say more?
Thanks so much for reading and thanks to all my long term friends/reader for your consistent support and feedback on my very casual blog <3

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hottest week of the year with Chanel Le Boy Bag

These photos were taken about a week ago as I am out of town for the US Table Tennis Open tournament in Las Vegas. Portland was having one of those rarest heat waves. It was so hot I had to clip my hair up at all time. I let it down for these photos but was already sweating like crazy by the end of it. Sorry about my face may lookng slightly stiff. I was trying to ignore the little sweat particles accumulating on my face (TMI I know).
If you follow me on Instagram (kiwifashionblog), you would have seen my newest bag dream came true, this medium dark red Chanel Boy bag in caviar leather. I will spare the non-important details of how this pre-loved bag landed in my hands. Basically I have been lusting this bag for over year. After a few bags sale and a bit of a help from the dear husband, I was able to buy it off a bag group friend. This is my only Chanel and probably will remain that way for a long while given the price with Chanel is absolutely insane. I hope you are enjoying the month of July like I have. Sorry about lack of post this month (but I have been occupied lol). I will try to do better now :)