Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Birkenstocks

Since when did Birkenstock sandals become "hip"? I think the trend might have started somewhere in Europe and it has became a global thing. I was so happy to see this trend starting. Not only because I already owned two pairs (which means no need to go out and buy them) and they happen to be my favourite kind of shoes. I think now I have more excuse to add one more pair this summer. After all, they are good for my posture, comfortable and are the IT fashion item right now. Savour it while you can :)

I really love this potka dots cardigan and singlet combination top. To me, spring summer should be filled with cheerful colours and prints (however I like to wear them too in the winter time). I have also decided I will wear alot more maxi skirts this season. They are so easy and comfy. Switch up the shoes and I can go to work. Slip back into my Birks and I am back to happy feet after work! What else can a girl asks for?

Stella and Dot necklace, bracelet and rings (here, here and on sale here and shop all Stella and Dot beauties here), Baublebar RG bracelet and heart midi ring (here and here) and Balenciaga Orange Burle City bag. I bought both of my Birks from QVC, here is a similar pair on sale here
For those of you who live in America, happy long weekend ahead! See you in my next post :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

My neighbourhood with Iroo and Givenchy Antigona

Happy Friday everybody! Let's discuss what looks different here! We got a new laptop, a Lenova Yoga 2 laptop! The best part of it, besides being so cute and lightweight, is that it comes in a new built in photo editing program. I have been having fun experimenting with it. Some of the effects are insane. I hope I did okay on my first attempt here.
I also want to use to post to show you my neighbourhood. These shots are taken right outside my house. We live in an older suburban area where trees are tall and old and houses are mostly from the 60's. I love the styles of the older houses (some farm houses and some colonial styles). There is just something about them from that era that attracts me. Lots of memories were made. It makes me wonder about the previous owners stories. My imagination could run wild :)

Iroo dress and cardigan, Sam Edelman sandals, Tiffany and Co. pendent Stella and Dot bracelets (get them from Sabine's site here), Lindberg sunnies and Givenchy small Antigona bag (similar style here)
Have a fantastic weekend! I will "see" you next week :)
Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Ballerina flats and tutu leggings

Have you noticed? I cut my hair. Okay it's not a lot but it is (I feel) significantly shorter than before. Nothing drastic, just a blunt trim. I am going to put some highlights on the top of my head next month as we head into the warmer weather. In the meantime, I am happy to have short(er) hair.
This pair of flats are a gift from my dear mum. When she sent them to me they were packaged folded up in a shoe bag. The disclaimer is they are so flexible and suppose to provide the best comfort for sensitive feet like myself. I had surgery on my left foot a few years ago and ever since then my feet (yes, both feet) have become really "high maintenance".  I was never able to find a pair of ballerina flats that are comfortable but this pair are fairly nice right out of the bag. So far so good! Thanks mum! <3
I am wearing mostly very old stuff from Asia. I do apologis I can't really tell you where I got them from exactly. I have a few outfit ideas that I want to share with you in the upcoming posts however they require much warmer climate so we all have to wait a little :) Hope everyone is having a good day so far! Thank you so much for reading :)
p.s. I finally got the Dior inspired earrings from Baublebar! Turned out, one of my favourite bloggers Wendy's Lookbook also got them! Ha, great fashion minds think alike! Check out her post here

Balenciaga City bag in coquelicot, Lindberg sunglassess and Baublebar earrings (get them here), Stella and Dot bracelet (my stylist site here).
Tissot watch, Stella and Dot bracelet (get it here in all three colours) and David Yurman moonstone ring
I have been obsessed with all things pretty from Stella and Dot. I won a contest held by my sweet stylist Sabine Schropp (shop all things pretty here) and this beautiful bracelet is one of them! I am swooned! <3
"Don't think or judge, just listen"- Sarah Dessen

Monday, May 5, 2014

Dreaming of Christian Dior

I am not sure if most of you have seen it, but recently Christian Dior has came out with the beautiful "Mise En Dior" tribal earrings (official web link here). While it is probably not feasible for most of us to spend that kind of money on a piece of costume jewelry, there are plenty of inspirational options out there though. I found this one in the "bellybutton ring section at a small stand in the shopping center a while ago. I did not know it would become hip again at the time but I just like the idea of having two different earrings on each side. Sometimes, old is new again eh?
If you are also loving this kind of look, I recommend you look into Baublebar (this one in particular). I just ordered this pair last week and am anxiously waiting for their arrival. I will let you know all about it next time.
In the meatime, I want to thank you for your support and continue following me along my little fashion (also a bit of lifestyle) journey :)

Levi's plaid top, Rebecca Minkoff Esperdrilles (shop here), Balenciaga City, Baublebar Roseland bracelet (here), Lindberg sunglassess and Cartier Roadster watch.
Lastly, I leave you with the beautiful Emma Watson and her beautiful Dior earrings. Maybe I will just put this on my wishlist :)
Also check out one of my favourite Instagram friend's bb10lue modeling picture of hers (link here)