Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot pink Cupid

If you read at least 3-4 of my blog posts, you will know I am a big Rebecca Minkoff fan (2012 F/W preview are up on her site). I just can not stop buying her bags especially thoes with bright vibrant colours. When Cupid was first introduced (sometimes in 2011), I had mixed feelings about it. Due to lack of "handbag fashion" on my local stores, I was never able to see this bag in person. Pictures online, unfortuantely, vary so much it's hard to get a real feel about it.
Long story short, I fell in love with this colour before I began considering owning it in this style. After two consecutive defective products from my beloved Endless (perhaps not so beloved at the moment), I finally received my own Cupid without any major flaws (ok so there's still tiny non-perfection but I think I can deal with those).
Meet my Hot Pink Cupid!
Love the versatility of the adjustable strap. I think we will make a great pair Cupid! :)

Floral dress and jacket by Key Wear
Shoes by A.So
Accessories David Yurman, Tacori e-ring, stretch bracelet by PeaceLoveElephant of Etsy (LOVE10 for 10% off code)

Have a great weekend! I am taking the next 4 days off. Look for new blog pictures of my adventure soon! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MJ-like jacket

MJ, a tragic passing 3 years ago. I remembered exactly where I was and what was I doing when I overheard over the radio about his passing. At first I thought it was a practical joke, but who would make up such a horrible prank, right?
Doesn't this jacket remind you a little bit about him? It's cropped, shimmer and has a puffy shoulder, total MJ-like, no? :)

I bought these Born sandals last week. I was looking for a pair of comfy slide-on wedge to wear in the summer. As you can see in my next post, I am compeltely into pink and yellow these days. The lighting is slight off but you can kind of tell I am sporting neon yellow toes as well (go to kiwifashionblog in Instagram you will see closer up pictures of that)
It's gloomy, sun is mostly hiding behind the cloud here in Portland (sigh). I will show you more summer dresse in my next post where weather is expected to be warmer!

Stretch beads zen bracelets by PeaceLoveElephant (LOVE10 for 10% off). Amy, the seller is such a sweet girl. She responded to me fast and was willing to custom make my bracelets smaller to fit my tiny wrist. I highly recommend her Etsy shop!
Balenciaga City bag in Orange Brule (Hgbagsonline have several 2012 f/w bags $100 off with free shipping use code facebook100)
Born wedge sandals

p.s. it's been a while since I show you my bare face without sunnies lol sorry about the paleness :p

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Hat day

Happy first day of summer! To "welcome" summer, Mr. Weatherman decided to shed alot of beautiful sunshine upon us in the northwest. We did not reach the high 30+ degree temperature like the east coast but 25C will do it for me!
I have always wanedt to tried maxi dress. However, I also understand it may not flatter my pear shaped body! Luckily this sheer flowy dress hides all the right things lol. One of my favourite colours is purple so I have also piled on several amethyst and tourmaline bracelets on my hand to go with the whole purple theme :p
Do you like me in hat? There is an unique Hat Shop in the 23rd area that speacilised in hats, all sorts of them! I am already thinking about adding one more when the weather turns cooler!

Maxi sheer dress a gift from mum
Shoes Ivanka Trump from Endless (20% off on accessory throughout site)
Bag Rebecca Minkoff MAC in red (on sale right now on Zappos)
YSP Arty ring, Ippolita smoky earrings and my own engagement ring

Where these photos were taken. Thought this building gives out a cool vibe :)

See you next time on my future blog post!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Coral dress

I have been waiting to wear this dress since I received it as a gift from mum. She has fallen in love with this Asian brand called Key Wear and lucky me she sent over a few dressess of this brand for me to try (this one also).
I never realized the pattern on this dress until we shot a few in the "pop mode". There are many leaves all over the dress! I especially love the fabric, it's so soft and dances in the wind! I am hoping you are having a good start of the week!

Dress by Key Wear
Denim jacket by DKNY
Shoes by ASo
Bag by Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag in basketweave white/brown

I did something naughty (shopping wise). Stay tuned for my reveal later this week and end of the month (I splurged on this one)!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf insipritaion

As you can see, I am REALLY into pairing green with yellow. I never thought I have so many green and yellow items in my closet! Turns out, I do :p
I have always wanted to put together an outfit based on what shoes I planned on wearing, and today, these sandals really inspired the entire look! Funny thing is, I have never done this before, get dressed around my shoes!

p.s. turned out it's extrememly tough to shoot at around 11am! You get tons of shadows so I do apologise for these "not so brilliant" photographs! I promise better ones are yet to come lol!

Outfit all from mum's wardrobe
Bag Balenciaga Moutard Velo
DIY bracelets
ASo sandals
David Yurman ring and Hearts on fire diamond pendent (anniversary gift 2 years ago)

Have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Black and white

I had this vision of wearing only black and white (including accessories) but being a red lover and well lover of all colours, I just could not resist pairing my outfit with a punch of my beloved Rebecca Minkoff Affair bag. There has been some talk on The Purse Forum under Rebeccca Minkoff thread about the sizes of this particular style of bag called the Affair. I like my accessory to stand out, to tell a story. Needless to say I much prefer my Affair to be big, " go big or go home" right? Visit the RM thread to read more about the Affair ;)

I was thrilled to be able to finally wear  short skirt without socks, tights or stockings. Despite the dropping temperature towards the end of the afternoon, we were able to snap some outdoor pictures of me near the water fountain.
How often do you wear black and white?

Watch by Omega
Ring by YSL Arty
Engagement ring by Tacori

Thanks for reading! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Casual Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone. Sorry for lack of posting in the last few days. My weekend was occupied with a sport tournament I participated. While the result was not what I was hoping, I did learn quite a bit during this tournament and am now working hard towards my next goal. Hopefully I will perform better in the next one!
This dusty pink jean jacket is old! I think I must have owned it for over 5 years. What's great about jean jacket is, the older it gets, the more comfortable it becomes! And who can resist that "vintagy' feel right?
Found this little area of cute townhouses in the city! Love the different colours of Japanese maple trees in the back!
Plaid baby-doll dress by Bear 2
Legginss by Et Boite
Accessories DIY necklace (coverted from a belt) and YSL Arty ring in lapis
Bag by Balenciaga Velo in the colour Moutard
Gold sandal a steal from Endless by Ivanka Trump

Summer is indeed coming or near! Look forward to take more pictures of my closet full of summer dresses! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

Red and green in June

I am really into yellow and green lately! I thought about not carrying a red bag so I don't end up looking like a Christmas tree but I couldn't help it. After lusting over the Celine mini lugguage for months I finally found one (in this reveal post) and I swore I'd be carrying it to death :p
Went to Lovejoy bakers yesterday on our day off and enjoyed a casual afternoon cappuccino on the sidewalk!
I will be very busy this weekend participating in a sport tournament so I will be posting more next week. Have a great weekend everyone! Wish me luck in the tournament :)

Shirt from H&M
Watch Cartier Roadster
Sama Eyewear
Celine mini lugguage bag in lipstick red

Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yellow and Blue

I posted on my Instagram(via kiwifashionblog) this pair of sandals I acquired a while ago. It has the "in" colours, neon yellow with blue/green shinny stripes. They are perfect for this outfit (yellow coat and green floral skirt) right? Unfortunately the weather was again, too chilly for any open-toe attire. I retreated to my trustyworthy booties instead.
Wanted to show you the background, the Fremont bridge of Portland. It is near a somewhat industrial area of the town but the view is unique to Portland!
While I am praying summer to arrive sooner, I hope you are all having a wonderful rest of the week! :)

Balenciaga Outremer City (2010) with regular HW
DV by Dolce Vita booties via Zappos
Sama eyewear sunnies
Penguin bag charm by Etsy Leather Prince

My favourite brand Rebecca Minkoff is having their bi-annal online sample sale! Check out everything RM up to 50% off via here