Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf insipritaion

As you can see, I am REALLY into pairing green with yellow. I never thought I have so many green and yellow items in my closet! Turns out, I do :p
I have always wanted to put together an outfit based on what shoes I planned on wearing, and today, these sandals really inspired the entire look! Funny thing is, I have never done this before, get dressed around my shoes!

p.s. turned out it's extrememly tough to shoot at around 11am! You get tons of shadows so I do apologise for these "not so brilliant" photographs! I promise better ones are yet to come lol!

Outfit all from mum's wardrobe
Bag Balenciaga Moutard Velo
DIY bracelets
ASo sandals
David Yurman ring and Hearts on fire diamond pendent (anniversary gift 2 years ago)

Have a great weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

Green and yellow make a great combination.

Mrs C said...

Really love the color of that Velo.. gorgeous and perfect for summer. Somehow the color of the bag goes well with the skirt :)

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unitedcolorsofaggie said...

love the skirt!!! and Balenciaga bag is amazing!!!xoxo

Tesa said...


Jenny said...

Ha ha, I have planned my outfits around my shoes too many times! I really love your skirt. The print is so pretty! Green and yellow is a fabulous combo on you!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic skirt!



The Fashion Minx said...

I love your Balenciaga!!!!!

Priscilla said...

you are beautiful darling! I love your fashion! I am your new follower. Follow me back please? ♥ Thanks! Please visit my blog!

Katies said...

cute dress dear:)