Monday, September 29, 2014

The long romantic denim skirt for fall

I have gradually developed a love towards denim skirt. Not the mini's, the long long one that covers down to my ankle with a bit of flare at the end so I can enjoy stepping onto myself my walk down the street. I currently own three longer denim skirts but all of them are at least five years or older (the oldest one has been with me since I was in school). Something about denim, they wash well, stay intact through almost anything and as the colour fades, they develop their own "characters". I think it's time for me to look for some new ones this coming season. I know this is a style I would wear at any age :)
What is your forever wardrobe piece? Share with me down at the comment. I would love to hear them.

Baublebar pink bracelet (sold out, similar here) and earrings (black version here), Stella and Dot Amelie bracelet (here) , David Yurman moonstone ring, Omega watch, Ash wedge sneakers and Givenchy small Antigona bag (awesome brand new one with good pricehere).

Happy Monday and thanks for reading :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

First autumn post

We are back at our favourite corner for shot today. Do you have a favourite corner, street, building or just a spot on a random street that you love the most? If you have been reading my blog for a while you would remember at least in 2-3 other posts where I stood on the same corner. What is it about this spot that makes photographs work? The bright eye-catching brick background? Is it the colour? Or the three-dimensional angle created by the walls and the pavement. I think it is all of the above. This is also a great capture of what Pearl District Portland looks like. Come visit, you will see why :)

We also had our first rain in weeks and it sure feels like autumn's steps are approaching. I chose to wear this faux leather skort since it would have been too warm just days before. Alot of people say autumn is their favourite season. To me, every season has it's perks and I want to fully embrace mothernature and enjoy every season. I do miss wearing my raiding boots though but that's something reserved for another month (or two?).

Aso sandals, outfit is from Asia, PS1 bag in plum (I got my from HgBagsonline here), Stella and Dot necklace (here), QVC turquoise ring (in three metal colours here), and Lindberg sunglassess

Goodbye summer. Autumn, I am ready for you ;)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

A true OOTD post

These photos were taken really quickly before I stepped into the dentist office right behind me. I wore this (my favourite navy dress this summer) to work earlier today and had to leave for my 6 months teeth cleaning appointment. Long story short. The dentist has moved so this building is still brand new with all the other spaces being empty. Ha, I thought, perfect place to sneak in a few outfit photos to share with you. I am no professional model/blogger so whenever I choose a location I prefer it to be quiet with minimum traffic around. I get a bit uncomfortable posing with people starring (even though they probably are not starring and can care less).
Anyway, teeth are fine, no cavities this time haha. As we are heading into fall, can you tell I am trying to grasp as much remain of the summer as I can? I refuse to let go of my sandals, not just yet!!! Oregon has long cold and wet winter so I am wearing open toes sandals for as long as the weather permits :)

Iroo cardigan and dress (last seen here), Balenciaga City bag in Mangue (mango), ASo sandals, David Yurman moonstone ring, Baublebar 360 pearl earrings (get them here), Lindberg sunglassess

Thanks so much for reading :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Is green the right colour for me?

Recently I have been falling in love with the colour green. Strange thing is that I was never into this hue. I always thought it does not compliment my skin tone since I am so pale. Then I saw some girls with dark hair rocking the beautiful emerald green colour earrings and necklaces and I was in love! Honestly, there should be no rule in fashion when it comes to colour matching right? So I have made a decision, this autumn and winter, I will be experimenting with more greens. It's an official warning, I will be blinding your eyes with greens this coming season. :) Tell me what fashion item, colour and/or style will you be experimenting this season?

Baublebar 360 stud earrings (similar here), Rebecca Minkoff "Made in NYC" MAC bag (similar here), Birkenstocks sandals (I love this colour) and Lindberg sunglassess.
Thanks so much for reading. I hope you are having a fantastic day :)