Friday, September 30, 2011

Pop of red

Remember two posts ago, I tried to take some pictures at a nearby park at the end of the day it was unsucessful. Reason being? The rain lol (typical NW weather).
So today, we thought we'd try it again! Luckily, the weather was nince enough to stay dry!
The other reason I am carrying this anthracite rggh city is for my friend "A". She recently bought a Velo in the same leather and hw but never seen it in person so I wanted to convince her she made an amazing decision. :)

I am wearing my Balenciaga Anthracite City with Giant Rose Gold HW. I thought a pop of red knite top underneath will be nice against the green background. I am wearing a sweater outside by H&M
Watch is Cartier Roadster and rings are Tacori engagement ring and David Yurman moonstone ring.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like a school girl

Many of you remember the craziness Missoni for Target had caused a few weeks ago on I was reminded by a friend of this event and logged on just to see what all the fuss was aboout. I wanted to get some sweaters but of course they were all sold out. I kept scrolling and found two sweaters at the last few pages that were still avaliable.
This purple one, was one of them. The order from Target was delayed twice but not cancelled lol.

There is this catolic school near where I live that reminds me of Harry Potter's Hogwart.

Missoni for Target sweater, Balenciaga RH City in Orange Brule. Ring is YSL Arty ring in lapis from Net-a-Porter and sunnies are Sama

Monday, September 26, 2011

Windy dusk

Sorry for the MIA. I was out of town for a sport tournament this past weekend so hence the lack of photographs.
You saw from the last post I recently acquired the famous Orange Brule Balenciaga RH City from Erica. I have carried her a few times and the leather is starting to break in nicely!

It's a cool windy Monday. I did not get a chance to take any pictures all day only to spare the last few mintues of the sunlight at the end before we were forced to run to our car when the rain rolled in.

I am wearing, Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress I bought from Nordstrom a few years ago. I paired it with a western inspired low ride boots and black leggings.

Sigh, I guess summer IS officially over!

(opps, photographer man's finger is in the way lol)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New loot

I have been obsessing with Balenciaga's new 2011 Fall colour, the Orange Brule! Some people revealed it on the Purse Blog and I instantly knew I NEED this colour in my collecion! Balenciaga decided NOT to have their stores carry this colour and replaced it with another not so attractive alternative (eeek).

OB became so popular it was so hard to come by and apparently only Barney's New York carry a very small amount of them. Having bad customer service experiences, I refused to give them my business (I am stubborn) I decided to wait for the lovely Erica from HG bags. Thanks to my lovely long distance friend A.L (thanks love) informing me as soon as it became available, I jumped onto it!

No more rubbish talking, let's get on with the reveal pictures!

I will be taking outfit pictures with this orange baby soon! Can't wait ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The forgotten trail

We have lived in our house for 2 years now never discovered this little hidden trails right behind us.
After work, while the sun was still up, we quickly grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures. I love the oldie feel of the first shot, it reminds me of my parents' time (the 70s).

I am carrying Rebecca Minkoff Morning after Bag in basketweave leather.
I have more goodie reveal pictures coming up, so stay tuned!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rainy Day

I woke up this morning, looking foward to head outdoor with photographer/DH to test out our new camera again, only to find rain welcoming us in the sky :<
But we decided not to let the rain ruin our Sunday plan so I put on my scarf, bright yellow jacket, red flats and headed out!
Nothing special about the background, believe it or not, it's just at a carpark near some office building.

My bag is Rebecca Minkoff Swing in quilted pearlized gray. My flats are Me2. And my sunnies are Sama Eyewear.

Goofy shot! Every blogger does it and I am no exception :p

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day off

It's my day off. I don't feel like dressing up. We went to our usual hang out place for some boba tea (bubble tapioca). DH/photographer also took some pictures of my David Yurman ring (with moonstone and diamonds) and my Cartier lady Roadster watch with the pink face :)

p.s. Watch is 4 years old and DY ring is 1 1/2 years. Both are precious pressies from DH

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Something new

Last week, we bought ourselves a new "toy". Our first semi-professional camera, the Sony NEX5N! It came with it's own lens but we are already thinking about getting another one in the near future for better telescopic/focusing ability.

Anyway, we took our new toy out today on a hot humid late summer weekend and played around with it. I initially wore a cropped top and cargo pants, but got too hot so I changed into my ultimate to go H&M summer dress. My trusty Balenciaga City came out to play with me along with my YSL Arty Ring in Lapis :)

Changed to H&M summer dress

We had supper healthy yogi lunch at Yoga Pearl in down town Peral District in Portland. We ordered wakame salad bowl and ginger and apple carrot juice. I felt like a horse after eating this lol.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Before the big change.....

I got a new camera!! It's brand new, just launched this week. I will do a reveal this week but right now I can tell you it's my first professional camera and it's from Sony! I am so excited to finally take pictures that look more like "blogger worthy" lol
Anyway, before the big "change", this is my outfit for the day.

Look forward to new improved pictures!!!