Thursday, August 30, 2012

Late summer stroll

Is everyone kind of feeling sad about summer ending soon? When I woke up this morning, the cool air reminded me of the early autum weather that is approaching. Honestly the only few things I do not mind about the cooler temperatrue is 1. be able to wear boots 2. I can pull out my Balenciaga leather jackets and scarves.
Alright, no more complaining! We found this pretty tiled hill right next to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in downtown Portland. Perfect location for some fun pictures!

                                   Stripped T and laced denim skirt are both old
Mangue (mango) Balenciaga City from HgBags (I almost chose this colour instead)
Yellow Sam Edelman Ginger Sandals (different colours here)
YSL Arty ring and cross strech bracelet from PeaveLoveElephant (similar one here)
I am preparing for my holiday trip as you read this post. I think the next time you see my post, I will be already on my way back to Brisbane.
Remember my post last time in Brissy? (here) I can't wait!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Purple and brick

Here is my second try out for the Rebecca Minkoff Instagram contest. I have been a big RM fan for so long so I must keep on trying, right? Forgot the mention winner gets two tickets to go to RM NY Fashion Week (a girl can dream).
In the heart of downtown Pearl District Portland there is this old wall. It stands alone looking nostalgic on a busy street. The colour instantly captured me when I first saw it (see the very first post last winter here). I have a strange love with anything brick. If I could, I'd live in a brick house surrounded by brick walls haha (I'd be that 3rd pig in the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf story lol).

Purple dress is seen in this previous post
Denim cropped jacket is last seen here (almost a year ago!)
Featuring bag is Rebecca Minkoff plum Morning After Mini (different colours here)
I love this flower pin my mum added for me!
Lastly, this is my friend who just had his senior high school picture taken recently. It just happened we chose the same location for our pictures so I want to share it here. What do you guys think? :)
p.s. different photographer though
I am sad summer is al....most over :(
But excited to go back to Brisbane in a week!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff Fall Fashion week

I have been a big Rebecca Minkoff fan (since 2009 at least). You have seen me carrying various of her bags. I especially love all the bright colours she uses on her soft fluffy leahter products. I think the most I once owned were 12 of her bags at one point (I was out of control haha).
Anyway, long story short! Rebecca is hosting a Instagram contest wherease you can submit your own photos with you rocking her line (bags, shoes or ready-wear). Winner gets to visit her fall fashion week in NYC!!
I woke up this morning with an image in my head that I wanted to carry my beloved lipstick red large Affair bag with rose gold hardware pairing with this flowy cream dress. Luckily the weather was cooperative and left us with this nice breeze.

I am dancing with my Minkoff in the wind.......perhaps it will be just enough to win me two tickets to meet Rebecca herself in NYC :) Fingers crossed!

You have seen me in this dress a couple of times (first here, then in San Fransisco)
Ivank Trump wedge sandals (get them here)
Rebecca Minkoff large Affair (regular size here)
David Yurman moonstone ring (right hand)
Tacori engagement ring (left hand)
Cartier Roadster watch
Judith Ripka pink quartz necklace (via QVC)
Less than two weeks before I get to go back to Brisbane!
Can't wait to see my family :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Yellow and blue

Last week was brutal. It was so hot by Friday all I wanted to do was sit in a room with AC and drink ice tea! It was quite challenging to find a plce at the end of a long work day and take pictures of what I was wearing. By the end of these quick snapshots, I was so sweaty and nearly had a heat stroke haha.

Do you like my new Lindberg sunglassess? (my first square one)
Belt by Ann Taylor
Sandals are Born Rebeka
Balenciaga Outremer City bag
Earrings are from Auckland Paua shell
Cartier Watch
Bracelets by Rockglam (more options here) and PeaceLoveElephant (lots of pretty things here)
Turqoise ring (more options here)

Have a great Monday :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indian summer

Although I have never been to India (would love to go visit one day), I feel this dress carries a bit of that flare (plus it's so hot and humid today).
I have had this Celine mini luggage for several months now and I have been considering swtiching it to the smaller micro size. What do you guys think?
Born Lisi sandals (on sale here)
Kitty Iphone case via Ebay (many colours here)
Ippolita rose gold smokey quartz (bigger size here)
Barbara Bixby amethyst ring (I like this one on QVC)
H&M rose necklace

The bottom line is, is the mini luggage ok for me or should I trade for a micro size?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Short shorts

This is a first! I have NEVER worn shorts on my blog. The only time you would see me in shorts is when I am playing sport or doing exercise. I am not very confident with my legs. I am an athelet and I am a bit embarrassed showing my somewhat muscular legs (especially I do not have long legs at all lol).
I was inspired by so many beautiful bloggers with all diferent styles and body shapes this summer so I gathered my courage and put on this pair of animal print shorts I have owned for a while today.
Any advise or recommendation are welcome to help my muscular legs look longer and leaner :)

 H&M hat, Zara T-shirt
                         Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Clutch (more colours here)
Born Rebecka Sandals (full grain brown on sale here) highly recommend them
Bracelet from PeaceLoveElephant (other buddha design here)
Love10 for 10% off
Shashi stackable bracelets (more designs here)
New sunnies by Lindberg (from Denmark, the best light weight high quality sunnies I've ever owned)
Paua shell necklace from a street vendor in Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands in my home town New Zealand :)

More hot weather is on the way! I probably will be back to wearing dress again lol.
Have a nice week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Like a punch of Mango

You guys remember my beloved Balenciaga Moutard Velo? I wore it many many times on the blog and off the blog too. I bough it at the end of 2010 as a "pre-loved" from another Balenciaga lover off the popular resell site Bonanza. That was my first non City style. I liked the Velo style mainly because of it's long strap (cross-body). However, for my frame (163cm 5'4) it's a bit too long so the bag sat "comfortablely" on my behind (denim transfer scares me all the time). I thought about the idea of replacing the Velo with another City with the same or similar yellow colour (happy colour) but was unable to find the colour I liked.....until...I spotted the 2012 Mangue (mango) swatch showed up! Bingo!

While I am still sad about my Moutard Velo, I am also thrilled to welcome my new Balenciaga Mangue RH City to my home! You indeed are my ray of sunshine!

Ivanka Trump Saffire Wedge (get them here)
Stack bracelets Shashi jewelry at MYHABIT(more options here)

Thanks to the lovely Erica at Hgbagsonline who helped me decide on this beautiful slice of mango! Defintely a go to place for all of your Balenciaga hunt!
Looking forward for the weekend to come. I am exhuasted!!

p.s. I have a pair of new sunglassess coming really soon! Stay tuned!

Monday, August 6, 2012

White hot day

It's hot today! I mean HOT (34 degree C here is considered heat wave). We have been lucky that we have been suffered from any of the heat attack like the rest of the country. We were all missing the real summer so I am certainly not complaining, at all! I don't think I have ever paired an all white dress with pink accessories before! I thought today is the perfect time to do so :)

Straw hat from Goorin Brothers (sale going on)
Rebecca Minkoff Cupid (red version here I love)
Amy Kihn Russel Amethyst necklace (other beautiful options here)
Cocktail pink amethyst ring (from HSN)
White buddha head bracelet thanks to PeaceLoveElephant (LOVE10 for 10% off)
Gold hamsa bracelet (rose gold version here)

Olympic Track & Field has started! I am so excited! Love sports! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Casual Wednesday

Have you ever had one of these days when you just had no clue what you should be wearing? Well, that's me, today lol. I know....I probably had a brain aneurysm about fashion, tell me it happesn to some of you too?
I acquired this mandarin collared top several years ago from a friend of my mum. I don't even know or remember where she got it from (it's sooo old) but it is somewhat loosely fitted and has interesting pop of colours and trimming. When in doubt, wear something comfy :)

Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in red (other colours here)

Tacori E-ring.
Hamsa hand sandstone bracelet from PeaceLoveElephant (more designs here)
Old citrine beaded bracelet from street vendor
Barbara Bixby amyethst ring (new designs here)

I will be back to my more "fashionable" self soon! I am too absorbed with all the Olympic events and have no time to look for fashion inspiration! Haha :)