Thursday, November 29, 2012

Denim and tweet

Can you believe that December is coming! One more month left in the year 2012! Ever since 2000 hit, I felt like each year has gone by faster and faster! Or is it just me dreading the feeling of getting older and older (sigh).
I am returning home soon so I will bring you one more pre-planned post today. I want to show off my newest tweed dress I acquired from my fashionable mum. I need to get more cotton long-sleeved T in different colours to wear with this dress. Right now this militray T from Gap looks a bit dull (I am thinking a bergundy or dark purple colour would make this dress look very differetn).

Denim fur coat by Bear2 (old), Cotton T by Gap (many colours here), Frey riding boots (worth the investment), Ippolita Wonderland earrings (love these too) and Balenciaga Outremer City

See you in December! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


One of the best things about cold weather is I get to wear all of my colourful scarves. I have at least ten. My most precious one is a birthday gift from my love last year by Alexander McQueen (see original post here). While I love it and wear it alot, my go to are my three lovely Love Quotes (see this post for my scarf collection).

I love over-sized scarf. I can double it up, wear it as a shawl or make knots and tie it in different way to dress up any dull looking winter outift. My best source for LQ scarves are Zappos. I am currently eyeing for this particular one (it's on sale too)!

As this post finds you, I am still away and enjoying some quite family time with mum and dad :) I hope you all are doing well and please still comment and write to me. I will reply and always appreciate you reading my blog :)

Love Quotes scarf, Juicy Couture tweet jacet, Frey riding boots (love these), YSL Arty ring in lapis and Mulberry medium Alexa in black (get the brown version here)

To the US readers, Happy Thanksgiving :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you spot the yellow?

Hello everyone. Hopefully you are doing well. It's almost the end of the week so hang in there :)
I am currently away and like I mentioned in my last two posts, I did not bring photographer man with me so this is a scheduled post. We took these photos last week around the corner near our lunch sushi resturant. I love Japanese food! I think I can eat it every single day haha.
Can you spot my Mangue (mango) Balenciaga amongst all the leaves? It is certainly winter now. I am trying to practice self- control on spending so I can hopefully get some good fashion deals when end of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas shopping period arrive! What is your secret on self-control in terms of shopping?

My ombre hair before I had it "gloss" washed and discovered the ombre is sort of gone (sigh)
H&M necklace
See you all in a week. I have more pictures to share with you :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Black and white

Was feeling a bit dull today. I am getting ready to go on a 2 1/2 overseas trip to see family and have to leave my dear love (photographer man) behind. My blog will be a bit slower for sure. I will be preparing some pre-shot photos and do some scheduled posts while I am away since photorapher man is not coming with me and internet access and spare time can become somewhat limited.
I know when I bought these cap-toed loafers from Shopbop I will be wearing socks. I know, the "right" way is to wear them without socks but my feet are always cold. Maybe it will start a trend eh? Hehehe :)

Dolce Vita cap-toed loafers from Shopbop (here), Levi's ID curve jeans, Balenciaga Anthracite City
Skull and cross bracelets by MyBeautifulBag (her shop at Etsy here)
Have a great weekend. I am off to do some packing for my trip!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Warm tones

Are you tired of seeing me with all these "gold" on the ground? I think this may be the last time we get to see them. As we are approaching end of autumn, leaves are quickly disappearing. What am I going to do with bare branches?
This is my second Balencaiga motocycle jacket. I bought it about two years ago and still remains my absolute favourite investment piece ever! I shall never part with it :)

Balenciaga motocycle jacket in havana, Alexader McQueen skull scarf, DV booties, Balenciaga anthracite City and Anna Sui tight
It's time to say goodbye to these golden leaves...
I will be going out of town in a week for 2 1/2 weeks. My blog may have to take a small break, I hope you will stay with me :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Around the neighbourhood

Two quick coloured backgrounds for you this morning, red and gold. Rain has been on and off all week and it is so hard to find suitable locations to take pictures. These beautiful trees are right in my front yard and our neighbour behind us. Pretty colours right? :)

I have had this "ombre" hair for 2 months now. I feel like the colour is fading a bit. I am going back to the salon next week to see what they can do for me. I certainly need some colouring on my pale skin (since I don't really wear make-ups) for the upcoming cold weather :)

Mandarin collard blazer borrowed from mum, F21 skirt, Balencaiga Anthracite City
Have a great weekend. Everyone in the US don't forget to Fall Back a hour this Sunday :)