Sunday, January 29, 2012

Casual shopping center troll

Had to run some errands in the nearby shopping center today. DH picked out this jacket he's given to me as a Christmas present 2 years ago to wear. I thought the yellow really brighten up the whole gloomy day.

Tweed Juicy Couture jacket from Saks
ID Curve skinny jeans from Levis
Flats are from overseas
YSL lapis Arty ring from Net-a-Porter
Balenciaga City bag in anthracite and giant rose gold hardware from Balenciaga boutique in South Coast Plaza in LA (sweet SA Steve is the best there)
Enjoy the rest of your sunday guys!

Thanks for reading xxx

Friday, January 27, 2012

Outing with my red Celine

It is finally sunny today. The temperature is at exactly 1 degree celseus (right above freezing). I took my Celine out to work wanting to take some outdoor pictures to show her true red colour (as some of the readers were wondering if it is red or more orange).
I am wearing, Balenciaga moto jacket in Havana, Burberry cashmere scarf, Frye's riding boots, YSL Arty ring from Saks and of course my lipstick Celine mini luggage! Sunnies are by Lindberg. I hope you like the pictures! :)

YSL Arty ring goes well with the Celine, don't you think?
Black and white version of the street we were on
Black and white with the Celine
After the shoot we went to grab some lunch as our fingers were frozen from being outdoor :<
Close up view of my accessories. Green stone pendant from motherland New Zealand and Burberry scarf.
YSL Arity Ring
Chocolate diamond earrings

Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone! xxx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Celine love reveal

Anyone who has NOT heard about the Celine Mini Luggage craziness has probably been living under a pile of rocks (haha, sorry that was a joke). If you have not, seriously, please google it or go to The Purse Forum (TPF) Celine subforum here. I have always been good about impulse buy and keeping my total bag count around 10. I have been loving Balenciaga for a while now and I still do. If you read my blog you will find loads of pictures with me and my beloved Balenciagas! But it's time to branch out!!
Before the revealing pictures, let me remind you what exactly is it I am revealing and why does it look so chic (that's what I convinced myself with haha)

Beautiful Chiara from The Blonde Salad in the colour Camel (I LOVE her style, who doesn't?)
Cloaudia Schiffer's blue colour
Stylish Nicole Richie's bicolour number
Last one, Kourtney K's beautiful leopard version!

Ok, enough suspense, here is what I received today! (ps I just got home so please focus on the bag, not me haha)

The package is packed and sealed so well I am sweating just trying to open it lol
What's in the box?
OMG it's a Celine!
I think it's love at first sight lol
Trying it on!
Now the bag by herself! With all her beautiful self!

Trying to show the red colour!

Sorry for the photos overload. The colour of the bag is actually lipstick, so it's red with a slight orange undertone. Somehow the lighting made it appear more orange than red.
Forgot to mention, the quality of the leather is just wonderful! I love my Celine! And thanks for the wonder Bonanza seller who was willing to work with me to come to a price that I could afford :)
Look for more pictures in the next few days. I want to take this beauty out for a spin under daylight to show you her true colour so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and your patience! xxx

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chain reaction

Another soggy wet weather day. In fact, we HAD snow these past few days (see last post here) but by this morning everything has melted and we are left with this eeky wetness everywhere. I was busy today running around doing errands all day and truthfully speaking, the outside condition is beneath ideal to take any decent photos. So we retreated back indoor eventually.

The main focus is this chain necklace. It is actually a DIY necklace, converted from a belt my mum had. Not bad eh? It looks better as a necklace I thought lol. I am trying to wear my faux fur jacket more. Although we are in the middle of the freezing winter, but you start to see spring fashion everywhere. Gotta make the most use out of the last few weeks when we can still rock our fur!

Hope you are staying warm and dry! Have a great rest of the week! :)

Electric blue cashmere sweater by Jeteto, wool blend skirt by Jeety, DIY necklace, silver chain earrings from silver boutique in Pearl Distrcit in downtown Portland, pink amethyst ring from HSN, and bag is Balenciaga Orange Brule City from HgBags

My trusty faux fur jacket by Calvin Klein

Trying that POC effect (Pop of Colour)

Thank you for reading! xxx

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowing Janurary

It is kind of rare for us to get snow in the winter time. Out of the 10 years I have lived here, it snowed probably 5 to 6 times for as brief as a few minutes to as "long" as 3-4 days. The shortest snow I have ever seen lasted 5 minutes haha. Anyway, my point is it's hard to catch that moment of snow. Today we found ourselves on the way home from our Sunday grocery shopping surrounded by this sudden snowfall!

It is too cold and wet to be outdoor so I rushed home, stepped outside of my own backyard and took these "action" shots in 10 seconds! Not bad eh? I also include some of DH's own photographs to show you the beautiful white fluff (it is melting as I am tryping).

p.s. Pop Of Colour (POC) are my Love Quotes Mango scarf from Shopbop, YSL Arty ring in Lapis from Net-a-Porter

Special effect from the camera to make everything looks "toy" like lol
Black and white!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone! :)