Monday, December 29, 2014

Farewell 2014 with Celine Trapeze

Over the holiday and my birthday, my good friend Amanda surprised me and sent me a box of goodies all the way from Chile. Amanda and I "met" through the infamous The Purse Forum several years ago. What drew us in was the obvious: our passion and addiction with all things handbags. Over the year, we have chatted on an almost daily basis. Seriously, I talk to this girl more than I talk to my own family sometimes. We talk about everything under the sky but mostly around all things "superficial"...handbags, shopping, beauty and the occasion complaints about each other's "significant others" (shhhh)!!
Long story short, sending each other parcels isn't a new thing to us but when she generously gave me this beautiful Celine Trapeze as my birthday present, I was over the moon. The bag is designed beautifully. This is the older version so it lacks the back outside pocket. It is definitely not the most practical bag but it is such a lovely purse. Thank you Amanda, I will treasure this gift forever!
Oh, by the way, what is everyone doing on the last few days of 2014? I will be working but I do get off early on the 31st so we may end up just going to a movie and relax :)
Thanks so much for reading my very "dull" blogger life :) I hope you a healthy happy New Year, and I shall "see" you all soon <3

Coat from H&M (last year, got it at a bargain. I was in almost the same outfit too, see this post), Frey riding boots (similar pairhere), Celine Trapeze handbag, Lindberg sunglasses, Baublebar ear cuffs (here), Etsy wide band ring and stackable bands (from Nepheliad use LOYAL15 for 15% off good until 01/15/15), beautiful beaded bracelets created by my friend Mona, check out her drool worthy Instagram here

Monday, December 15, 2014

Coach Rhyder 24 Satchel

I am a bag girl at heart. What does that mean? That means, I kind of consider myself a handbag lover, collector (barely) and admirer. My love affair with handbags sprung about ten years ago when I was introduced to Coach. I was a student with minimum disposable cash so when I was given a gift certificate to go shop at this American iconic brand, you can imagine my excitement. I still remember what I chose as my first, it was a Coach logo fabric mixed leather hobo bag in black. I loved it, used it until the hardware tarnished and had to give away eventually.
Many of you may have different ideas about Coach. The brand has definitely morphed throughout the years. I can't say I love every single style but I am attracted to their smaller cross-body bags the most. Last winter I bought an awesome saffiano leather mini Tanner cross-body in navy (first seen in this post) so this time I decided to get something in a brighter hue. When I actually went into a Coach store eventually, this cutie Rhyder caught my eyes.
This bag has the nicest buttery leather. I especially love all the silver buckles.  Due to the suppleness of the leather, you can fit a lot more than you would expect from such a compact design. The strap is adjustable so it is versatile for people of all heights. Check out Coach's handbags selection this holiday season. I also picked up a wristlet in the same orange hue for my mum (shhhh). Although I have several other designers handbags, Coach always has a special place in my heart :)

p.s. this post is not sponsored whatsoever.

Zara scarf (from previous season), Levi's ID curve jeans, Coach 24 Rhyder 24 Satchel (here in five colours), Lindberg sunglassess, Bear Two blazer and David Yurman moonstone ring (here).

I am off to Las Vegas for 2014 US National table tennis tournament this week. Wish me luck :)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Birthday to me 2014

Who else here is a December baby? I used to not liking having birthday in December (not that I have any choice lol). As a kid, you want to have as many chances for toys as possible. So when your birthday is a couple of weeks away from the biggest holiday of all time, Christmas, you secretly wished the two could have been further apart. Now that I am older (well, a LOT older), I actually do not mind having a December birthday. I have more reason to celebrate by having a nice evening out with yummy food and basically just declare December is my birthday month :)
In parts of the world, it is the 9th of December already but here in the Pacific Northwest of America, there are still a couple of hours before the 9th. However I am already looking forward to tomorrow night when I will be taken to a new Italian place for dinner. I will tell you guys all about it in my next post but if you are curious, follow me on InstaGram (@kiwifashionblog) because it's highly likely I will be posting pictures :)

Coach mini Tanner bag (last year but my honey bought this one for me this year for my birthday), Levi's floral leggings, Sam Edelman Petty booties (in Putty colour here), Stella and Dot necklace (old but lovethis one) and Baublebar 360 earrings (sold out, but very similar here, use INSTAGLAM for 30% off until 12/09). I have a crush on this, I might already bought two other pairs..opps. But hey with the extra coupon code, it's almost like it's my birthday special for us all :)

Thank you so much for reading. I will now enjoy my evening tea and get ready for bed :) 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Freezing December

I am smiling (or trying to squeeze out a smile?) in these pictures but trust me, it was FRIGID. Do not let the sun fool you though. The wind chill really makes the temperature feel even colder! I was going to show you what I was wearing on my fingers but I could not help it by wearing gloves. I think I will wait to show them to you next time in case my fingers getting frost bites and fall off :D
It is official December. Did you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend? I love December because it is my birthday month and we get to go visit Las Vegas in two weeks to play the US National Table Tennis tournament! It is still Cyber Monday right now so excuse me, I need to go browse now :) Have a great rest of the week!

Balenciaga black moto jacket (I got my via Hgbags here), Express skinny leggings (highly recommended for petite hippy girl, 50% off here), Coach leather gloves Vince Camuto booties, Stella and Dot scarf (more options here), Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag in red (other colours here) and Lindberg sunglassess