Sunday, December 18, 2011

All my current Balenciaga lovelies!

I have wanted to do a collection post, but never gotten the time to actually do one! It was suggested by a friend (same bag lover/collector) to start off with my Balenciaga collection post!

I started collecting Balenciaga as early as 2008. At that time I had no idea besides it is known as the "motocycle bag". All this time, alot of the B bags have came and went. After some experiments (expensive ones too!) I have now understand what my like and need are. So far, the City bag works the best for me although I have yet to try the Work as well as the Part-Time.

This is my curruent collection. I defintely see mysel getting a saturated red bag either in the City or the Work later. I just have been distracted by other brands haha. Enjoy this post.
Please let me know what do YOU think my next B bag should be!

From left to right:

Moustard Velo (non Bal charm), Outremer City, Orange Brule City, Anthracite City w/RGGH (Rose Giant Gold Hardware)

Balenciaga Accessories: Red  w/SGH (Silver Giant HW) Zipped Mini wallet and Carbon w/GGH (Gold Giant HW) Money wallet

Individual picture: Moustard Velo w/RH (Regular HW)
Orange Brule City w/RH
Outremer City w/RH (charm is from Leather Prince)
Anthracite Cith w/RGGH
Carbon Money Wallet w/GGH
Red mini Zipped Wallet w/GSH

I also love Balenciaga leather jackets! I have TWO!

Havana Moto jacket

Black with silver zipper

And finally, one happy Balenciaga family :)

Sorry for the pictures overload! I hope you enjoy looking at them. I love every single one of them!


Amandita said...

Nice collection and great post!!

Katherine said...

You have such a beautiful collection! You have the most perfect colors :)

Paulina said...

Pretty!!!! I hate you.

Anonymous said...

Nice Kiwi, great to see all your Bal goodies at the same time! You have a very nice and versatile collection. If you want a red bag next I recommend getting a Coquelicot, this is a beautiful true red and I haven't seen a Coq bag yet without super yummy leather. I love my Coq GSH City to pieces!

JenlovesBal said...

Beautiful Balenciaga collection!!!

keep in touch with fashion said...

amazing collection, also i want this!! thanks for your visit I hope you will want to follow me also on facebook

Unknown said...

ooh i am totally with you on this one! i've been longing for a balenciaga bag for ages now! love the black one and the wallet... beautiful! as for the jackets... well, i'm' green with envy haha ;) great collection!

B x

lisa signorini said...

love collection!
Visit my blog, and if it like u we can follow each other!

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow you have an amazing collection!

Ashley Isaacs said...

I love everything, but I really love the yellow and the purple

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love the bright colors! =)

lisa signorini said...

Thanks so much for your comment, but the more important thing is thanksk to be my new follower!
I follow u too!

have a great day!

Clara Turbay said...

Awesome ideas i find here every time i visit you!

Paula said...

Oh I am so envy :(

Paulina said...

I'm going to come visit you so I can play surrogate mommy ;P


very impressive!
i own brown & black...