Friday, December 16, 2011

Balenciaga lover

Balenciaga is my number one favourite high end designer brand right now. I have his bags and his motocycle jackets! I love how it is simple yet edgy! His deisgn is all about the beautiful leather, not about the logo! I especially love the rich colours Balenciaga produces!!

I am wearing 2011 Black Balenciaga Moto Jacket with silver zipper and 2011 Orange Brule City with regular HW. Both Balenciaga items are from HgBags. Earrings are Honora pearl stud from QVC.

I LOVE scarves! It is my winter essential to keep myself warm and somewhat "stylish" lol

I will be doing a bag collection post as well a scarf collection post real soon! Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!

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