Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First winter post with Zara and Rebecca Minkoff

Oh how I have ignored my blog in the last month or so is not something I can find a word to describe it. So what happened? Well, the usual, I have been busy with work, travel to visit family oversea then followed by bad jet-lag of course. Ok I will let you in on a little secret, the other reason was being I gained weight in the past several months and was horrified to find all of winter jeans did not fit any longer (gasp). I had two solutions, go out and buy a new wardrobe of jeans in larger sizes (sounds tempting I know), or suck it up and lose the extra weight. Well I chose the later. However it has NOT easy. I don't feel embarrassed to tell you that I have gained about 6-7 kg in a period of a year. So far (it's only been a month) I have managed to shake off about 4 kg so there's about 3 more kg to go but at least I can now fit into some of my old winter jeans (phew).
I don't want this post to become a ramble and complain about my weight but it goes to show you by avoiding weighing yourself for as long as I have (which is about 12 months) certainly has not been the best decision I have made.
I hope you can forgive my absence and give me some encouragement on this weight control journey. It's good to be back posting though. I can't wait to wear all of my favourite winter outfits!
p.s. this Mini Perry Rebecca Minkoff went back to Shopbop yesterday. It is unfortunate that the product is flawed with cracked leather and defective magnetic closure. Lovely bag though...

Zara short coat (old from last year but I LOVE this one from this year), 7 for All Mankind coated jeans, Sam Edelman booties (here, highly recommended, so comfy and so easy to match with all outfits), Rebecca Minkoff Mini Perry bag (here, in love with this orange colour) and Lindberg sunglassess
Thanks so much for reading. I aim to post every week <3