Monday, July 30, 2012

Tuxedo dress

It's good to be back home after two days of intense work out with table-tennis. I participated in a big table-tennis tournament this past weekend. Despite the somewhat disappointing result, I still had fun with friends and meeting new people at the venue! I am determined to work on the flaws and make myself a better player! (currently obsessed with all the Olympic table-tennis events goin on MSNBC)

Had an easy lunch-date with my man today and these were quickly snapshots of what I am wearing. You have not seen this black and white tuxedo dress before. When I first saw it in my ever fashionable mum's closet, it reminded me of a cute penguin suit lol.

Here comes the penguin suit! :)
YSL Arty ring (other colours here)
Side cross bracelet from PeaceLoveElephant (here)
Skull bracelet from MarieMichelleDesigns (here)

I did not mean to wear so much blue on a Monday! I apologize if I am emphasising on the Monday Blue theme :p

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pittock Manson II

In a recent post I have mentioned that our camera's battery had died so we were forced to use my Iphone for blog photos (in here). We were actually in location in the Portland Pittock Mansion.
We returned this afternoon to re-shoot what we came here for originally, the beautiful architecture of the building :) Mr. Pittock was an English man who came to Oregon and worked on various community projects including funding the Weekely Oregonian newspaper back in the mid 1800's.
I think these pictures captured the essence of the beauty of the building. It's sits high on the top of the hills and overlook Portland. Make sure you visit here if you are ever in town in Portland.

Balenciaga City bag in Orange Brule and Born Rebecka Sandals (different colour here)
Jenny from Crazy Style Love inspired me to belt most of my dresses!
J.Crew skinny leather belt
Cobalt blue toes!
I am away this weekend for a major sport tournament up in Seattle! Wish me luck and I will see you all next week :)


Monday, July 23, 2012

The uneven hill

To take these pictures required some serious balancing skill! The hill was kind of steep and the road was new and uneven. There were a few shots I looked like I was about to fall over lol.
Do you like the all forest-y green background? I looked like I was floating in air eh? You have seen this floral dress before (here). What's funny is that it was warmer then (2 months ago) than today. Strange Portland weather :p

Celine mini luggage in lipstick red (phone Nordstrom Seattle and Barney's for stocks)
Ivanka Trump sandals were a great deal from Endless (current price is not on sale though)
Do you like the dress without the jacket?
It's goodbye for now! Looking forward to a brand new week :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Green and pink do go together

When I chose to wear this pink sleeveless dress, I dicovered the unbearable! It did not quite fit well around my bust and shoulder area! Too tight around the bust and it's making the straps very loose and keep falling off my shoulders! Solution until I can get to a tailor? Fitted blazer! And it just happened that this blazer has "matching" pink buttons! They are made to go together!! Problem solved :)

Earrings are Ippplita with rose gold and smoky quartz (larger version here)
Bag is by Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in plum colour (similar here)
Goldstone "hamsa" bracelet from PeaceLoveElephant (Love10 for 10% off)
Amethyst ring by Barbara Bixby (more of her design here)
My growing out "ombre" hair :)

I am actually getting my roots re-done today (darker) I have been thinking about growing my hair even longer and have it permed at the end, your thoughts?
Until next time........

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Instagram Portland

As we found the perfect hill top location to shoot pictures, we found out that our batteries died in our camera, opps (someone forgot to charge it the night before haha). Iphone 4 came to rescue. In fact, they didn't turn out too bad eh?I want to show you the gorgeous blue sky and Mt. St. Helens in the background. It's rare to see the moutain so clearly (normally covered by the famous northwest cloud).

Also, I learnt to belt! Yap! My inspiration is from Jenny of Crazy Style Love. She is the queen of belting and I just love her dress(es) with the skinny belts. You should really head over to her blog and check it out! (thanks Jenny! I love your blog)

Skinny belt from Ann Taylor at 50% off (I bought two)
Bag is by Balenciaga City in Orange Brule

Here is my man ;) Looking stylish in his new hat!
Bracelets (with sun charm) is from PeaceLoveElephant (love10 for 10% off) and (skull) is from RockGlamStyle
Can you spot the snowy mountain in the back?
Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

River front outing

Took the afternoon off from work (on Friday) and visited the river front. This city is not near any ocean so the closest "water" we have is the Columbia River :) It was so hot outside but it's very nice to see alot of people being outdoor and doing fun activities on land as well as on water!
I particularlly love the colour of this dress. Cobalt blue is such an eye catching hue and I feel it does not need many other accent pieces with it.
I am carrying my Hot Pink Cupid bag from Rebecca Minkoff (still available here), comfy wedge sandals are by Born Rebecka (other colour on sale here)

My "new" diamond by the yard bracelet by Roberto Coin. Interesting story, it was a necklace and I converted it into a double-wrapped bracelet.
Hamsa small beaded stretch bracelet (right wrist) from Bijouterie
YSL Arty ring and Tag watch.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend! See you around in blogger land soon! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Where are the roses?

A couple of months back, the famous Portland's Rose Gardens had nothing but rhododendron in this post! No roses in the Rose Garden? So I made a wish to come back in the peak of summer when roses are at the top of their bloom! It's hard to say which colour is my favourite but I am more attracted to the beautiful names they gave to these beautiful flowers....White Sail, Purple Heart, Hearts of's so romantic :)

Ebote T-shirt, H&M hat (bargain score at $4.99) and my newest Nordstrom Rack loot a pair of yellow gladitator Sam Edelman Ginger sandals I have been eyeing for a while! (they are on sale here)
Can you spot the pink?
Matching toe nail and sandals colour :)
Another NR score! RM MAM in Plum!
Have a wonderful weekend! See you around in my next blog post :)

p.s. I made the pictures slightly bigger, hopefully it's easier for those people viewing them on a mobile device!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love purple and I can't lie

Anyone likes purple? To me, that's almost my second favourite colour next to red. When I scored this Rebecca Minkoff plum Morning After Mini (with rose gold hardware) I immediately thought about this dress to pair with it.
These shots were taken in the morning so it was actually a bit cooler than usual. Luckily I brought (always bring) a little jacket with me before I left the house. In this Portland weather, even in the middle of the summer, one can never go wrong with a little jacket stand by for those "omg it's not like summer" weather change!

Scored these incredible comfortable wedge sandals by Born at my local Nordstorm Rack store (also avaliable at Zappos). Love the pasiley heels!
I am slowly growing out my own version of "ombre hair". Maybe a few more months it will look better? Wishful thinking :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

The power of roses

I am slowly showing you all the summer dresses I have stolen borrowed from my mum's fabulous closet! I am so lucky to have a fashionable mother who happens to have an equal fabulous figure! I am just slightly taller than she is but it does not matter when it comes to dresses. My mum loves to wear dresses and that has defintely influenced me in that way as well!

I want to wear this roses dress on this finally hot summer day! It's a shift styled dress made with simple chiffon material and water coloured painting in the front. I am trying to feel more comfortable with showing my bare arms but bear with me in the meantime I still try to cover them up with littele jackets here and there :p

Bag by Rebecca Minkoff Hot Pink Cupid
Sunnies by Sama Eyewear
Roses dress from mum's closet
This is my second hat purchase from Goorin Bros (last purchase was featured here)
What is summer without straw hats, right?

I have so many more sun dresses to show you! Stay tuned!
Thanks for reading :)