Monday, July 23, 2012

The uneven hill

To take these pictures required some serious balancing skill! The hill was kind of steep and the road was new and uneven. There were a few shots I looked like I was about to fall over lol.
Do you like the all forest-y green background? I looked like I was floating in air eh? You have seen this floral dress before (here). What's funny is that it was warmer then (2 months ago) than today. Strange Portland weather :p

Celine mini luggage in lipstick red (phone Nordstrom Seattle and Barney's for stocks)
Ivanka Trump sandals were a great deal from Endless (current price is not on sale though)
Do you like the dress without the jacket?
It's goodbye for now! Looking forward to a brand new week :)


Miss K said...

Great handbag, I like it! The dress looks good with and without the jacket. The last photo is ace. xo

Joy Shana said...

Love your dress

Surbhi Suri said...

such a pretty dress, great backdrop. hats off for balancing in those heels !

Understated Classics Clare said...

I think the dress looks fabulous with or without the jacket. You look awesome in it either way!

Understated Classics

Tammy Lau said...

cute outfit..I want your bag!!!


Isabel.L said...

Very beautiful dress, i thik it looks nice with or without the jacket, and the bag just adds perfect colour to this outfit :)

Jenny said...

That dress is so pretty on you! LOVE that first pic! Ha ha, yes, it looks like you are floating, but it's such a pretty photo!

xo Jenny

The Rubber Doll by Pepa said...

love wholeee look! <33

Wil Harris said...

I really like the back drop in your pictures! Your floral print dress is too cute and girly.

Allison said...

Such a gorgeous outfit and I love your Celine bag!!

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A's Fashion Files
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Antonella Leone said...

great outfit dear <3

Nancie Mwai said...

looking gorge, love the bag

Katies said...

amazing bag and dress:)

Sam said...

Hi dear, your dress is so graceful and pretty, love the lush greenery in the background.

Sammie said...

i love your bag,the color is fantastic :)


unitedcolorsofaggie said...

you have such a lovely feminine style:-) love the way you wear dresses, so graciously:-) and your bag collection is wonderful!!!love that red Celine:-)

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely stunning! The dress is gorgeous with and without the jacket and I think you posed like a model even if the ground was a bit difficult :-)

And of course; I still love your bag ;-)


Meram Sisters said...

Maybe we can follow each other?

Clara Turbay said...

it´s simple but significant the way you express yourself!

Cindy C. said...

LOVE this outfit! :D Thanks for your comment on my blog, I would love to follow each other! I am now following, waiting for you on my blog <3

Cindy C.

Pier 39 Prep said...

The dress is beautiful on its own but it looks more polished with the white blazer. It looks great either way!

Aleksandra said...

The dress is so summery and refreshing, though I think it looks even better with the jacket.