Wednesday, December 28, 2011

After Christmas day-off

You may not be able to see if but the weather was WET! We took shelter underneath the shop canopy in an outdoor shopping center. It got too chilly so we retreated to a nearby bookstore accompanied with hot greentea in hand. I know Christmas has passed but I still feel festive enough to pull out my favourite red sweater and my newly acquired red scarf.

Bag is 2011 Balenciaga Anthracite with rose gold hw City
Red sweater by Mor Mor
Plaid short swing coat (old from mum)
Leopard skirt by Eyame Yang
Tall boots by Cava (Spanish brand)
Scarf is from overseas, unknown brand
YSL Arty ring with gunmetal hw and blue glass stone from Saks

Stay dry and warm everyone!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff End of the Year Sale

As some of you already know that I am a big Rebecca Minkoff fan. I have owned a LOT of her bags and I still do and continue to collect them.

Well here is your chance to try your first (or 100th) piece of RM bag! Click here to shop!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Meow meow

Merry Christmas everyone. It's Christmas morning and I decided to do a pairing of all the goodies I have been getting since the begining of December! You see, my birthday is in December so is Christmas! I always just get one combined gift from family/friends/DH because the two occasions are so close.

This year, I decided to treat myself and got a few things for myself. Thanks to my friend who is also my bag soulmate. She introduced me (bad influence actually haha) to Endless. Free shipping and return and always with GREAT prices and promotion!

I am wearing:
CK fuax chinchilla fur coat (gift from DH) from Macy's
Levi's ID Curve skinny jeans in dark charcol (gift from mum)
DV by Dolce Vita from the boots sale on Endless
Pink quartz and brass cocktail ring from HSN (check out their designer silver gallery. My best source for inexpensive and gorgeous big rings)
Rebecca Minkoff cheetah Covet bag from Endless

This bag is so cute! Everytime I wear it, I feel like I am carrying a little kitten with me. My bag soulmate was the one that convinced me on this cutie! Thanks "A"!!

I am also wearing a cheetah print cotton hoodie underneath the fur coat. Casual mixed with "glam" :)

Opps, sorry about the funny face haha (it was very cold)

Lastly, a close look at the Cheetah! Love it! Have a great rest of your Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All my current Balenciaga lovelies!

I have wanted to do a collection post, but never gotten the time to actually do one! It was suggested by a friend (same bag lover/collector) to start off with my Balenciaga collection post!

I started collecting Balenciaga as early as 2008. At that time I had no idea besides it is known as the "motocycle bag". All this time, alot of the B bags have came and went. After some experiments (expensive ones too!) I have now understand what my like and need are. So far, the City bag works the best for me although I have yet to try the Work as well as the Part-Time.

This is my curruent collection. I defintely see mysel getting a saturated red bag either in the City or the Work later. I just have been distracted by other brands haha. Enjoy this post.
Please let me know what do YOU think my next B bag should be!

From left to right:

Moustard Velo (non Bal charm), Outremer City, Orange Brule City, Anthracite City w/RGGH (Rose Giant Gold Hardware)

Balenciaga Accessories: Red  w/SGH (Silver Giant HW) Zipped Mini wallet and Carbon w/GGH (Gold Giant HW) Money wallet

Individual picture: Moustard Velo w/RH (Regular HW)
Orange Brule City w/RH
Outremer City w/RH (charm is from Leather Prince)
Anthracite Cith w/RGGH
Carbon Money Wallet w/GGH
Red mini Zipped Wallet w/GSH

I also love Balenciaga leather jackets! I have TWO!

Havana Moto jacket

Black with silver zipper

And finally, one happy Balenciaga family :)

Sorry for the pictures overload! I hope you enjoy looking at them. I love every single one of them!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Balenciaga lover

Balenciaga is my number one favourite high end designer brand right now. I have his bags and his motocycle jackets! I love how it is simple yet edgy! His deisgn is all about the beautiful leather, not about the logo! I especially love the rich colours Balenciaga produces!!

I am wearing 2011 Black Balenciaga Moto Jacket with silver zipper and 2011 Orange Brule City with regular HW. Both Balenciaga items are from HgBags. Earrings are Honora pearl stud from QVC.

I LOVE scarves! It is my winter essential to keep myself warm and somewhat "stylish" lol

I will be doing a bag collection post as well a scarf collection post real soon! Stay tuned.

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everything blue

It's has been getting VERY cold up here in the pacific northwest! Yesterday felt like arctic air blasting on my face as soon as I steppted outside! I recently acquired a new eyecandy so I want to share it with you. Some of you may alrady know or have seen my YSL arty ring in lapis with the gold hw. I loved it so much so when Saks was having their online sale, I grabbed another one this time in the dark silver/gunmetal colour!

I am wearing Channel stud earrings in silver
Skirt is by Cue (an Australian brand)
(sorry about my "numb" face but it was probably near freezing temperature)

Stay warm everyone :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Seattle Birthday weekend continues...

During my birthday weekend trip we had a wonderful spanish dinner with friends. DH also gave me a faux fur coat and this was my first time wearing it. Our friend gave me a bottle of vino for my birthday from my home town New Zealand :)
These pictures are taken at our hotel Bellevue Club in Seattle Washington.

Faux fur coat by Calvin Klein via Macy's
Jeans by Levi's ID curve skinny San Fransisco (highly recommend)
Earrings are Ippolita rose gold with smokey quartz (hard to see sorry)

Beautiful Christmas lighting at the hotel garden at night!

Hope you had a good beginning of the week!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nutcracker Ballet in Seattle

Over my birthday weekend, Dear Husband (DH) took me to Seattle for a little holiday! We started off the weekend by going to the ballet.

I was wearing Balenciaga Moto Jacket in Havana, Alexander McQueen leopard scarf DH got for me as a birthday present and Frey riding boots. My bag is the Coach Sophia in black.

And this is our mysterious cameraman, DH :)

Last picture showed the beautiful McQueen scarf!

I am back, so look for more pictures on my blog! Have a great week ahead everyone!