Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paparazzi (pretending) shots

It's raining (what's new) and there is no where to go for blog worthy photo shots. We decided let's just to be creative and take some "I am shopping" paparazzi pictures to feature my autume favourite combination outfit...Balenciaga Moto jacket and Balenciaga City in Orange Brule.

To show that the Bal moto jacket can be paired with anything, I am wearing a very casual hoodie undeneath and a very casual ponytail up.

The location/backgroud is just a local strip mall, very small but that makes the background perfect! Clean without distraction lol

Jacket by Balenciaga
Jeans by Rock&Republic
Boots by Fry
Bag by Balenciaga
Earrings from Etsy MadebySam

Friday, October 28, 2011

Falling leaves

It's getting COLD and wet (sigh) were not really in the mood of taking pictures on this uneventful Friday afternoon but drove pass by this little park (called the Little Peoples Park) and saw the gorgeous golden leaves. Fell in love!! Stopped the car and quickly snapped some pictures (focus on the beautiful leaves NOT me haha) and ran back to the car as it started to POUR.

Outfits are mostly from overseas but scarf is Love Quotes from Shopbop. Boots are Dolce Vita and bag is Balenciaga City in stardust noir from Neiman Marcus limited edition. Ring is YSL arty ring.

And this last picture kind of show my highlights. I just had my roots re-done so hopefully the colour looks natural :)

Versace for H&M

After the crazy Missoni for Target phase, here comes the next one. Versace for H&M. I have never been into anything Versace because the style is just a bit too edgy for me (I am "conservative" lol) and it has never worked for me to wear their cloths for work.
However, there is nothing wrong window shopping right? And who knows, there may be some accesories pieces that I may be able to work into my daily wardrobe. (assuming I am lucky enough to even score anything that is haha).

Some eye candies for this chilly Friday. More outfit posts coming up this weekend!

Some of the outfits I think I can defintely wear! I love that little black skirt especially!!

(all sources from Vogue UK )

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Changing colours

Sunday is my absolutely favourite day of the week! I can wake up late, lounge around the house, no need to worry or stress about anything work related! We went out to have branch and found this cute little spot near the cafe for some blog worthy pictures! I am wearing faux fur best and leather-like shinny short skirt.

My ankle/heel is still a bit sore so I wore flats and packed my heels in the car for modelling shots lol Most of my outfit is from overseas so I don't have reference for you, sorry.

My cute butterfly purple stocking however is from Anna Sui, bag is Balenciaga Purse style in Vif Rouge and sunnies from Lindberg (the most comfortable and worthwhile sunglassess). Earrings are Honora from QVC and necklace is Tiffany (first BD present from DH).

Cute ducks at the nearby pond :)

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rocker chic dream

The pefect jeans

I admit it, I am not a slim girl. I have curve (translation I have meat) and I am not very tall to pull a bit of extra weight off. Plus I am asian so I don't own those super long legs (sigh..) Ok I better stop right now before I completely ruin my image on my own blog.

Anyway, I have been pondering is there really a perfect pair of jeans out there for me? My typical problems? Thighs fit, waist is too big, jeans are so long they are dragging on the floor. Waist fits but I can't even pull the jeans pass my knees (tragic).

Has anyone have experience with the Levi's Curve ID jeans? For the price under $70, I am very tempted to try! Please tell and share your experience with your jean experience.

Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Jeans

Modern Supreme Curve Straight Jeans

After doing the online Levi's survey, apparently I am "supreme curve", I don't know if it is a good or a bad thing but I guess I can't do too much about it hahaha.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am channeling Twilight

Photographer man got himself a new lens, he waited over a month for it to arrive and it's finally here today! We headed out to a nearby trail this afternoon. It's an unusually warm October (I am NOT complaining) with lots of warm vitamin D outside. I was not dressed for blog pictures but we decided to do some for the blog anyway.

I am wearing my comfy Lululemon scuba jacket in this bright ocean colour. I paired it with my broken in Hudson jeans and sunny Balenciaga Velo in the yummy Moutard colour! Can't say enough about Lululemon, they make THE most comfy casual wear! Sunnies are new from Lindberg.

Panoramic view of what is surrounding us! Isn't it beautiful?

Ok, here comes the NW trail, this is what I was referring to as very Twilight-ish lol

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn part 1 to come out next month! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend attire

Weekend attire

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen sheer top
$90 -

Balenciaga handbag
€877 -

Yves Saint Laurent glass ring
$250 -

Louis Vuitton leopard print scarve
$525 -

My very first attempt to pull together a look via Polyvore! It looks rather simple and I promise I will learn quickly and make it look for professional really soon!