Friday, October 28, 2011

Versace for H&M

After the crazy Missoni for Target phase, here comes the next one. Versace for H&M. I have never been into anything Versace because the style is just a bit too edgy for me (I am "conservative" lol) and it has never worked for me to wear their cloths for work.
However, there is nothing wrong window shopping right? And who knows, there may be some accesories pieces that I may be able to work into my daily wardrobe. (assuming I am lucky enough to even score anything that is haha).

Some eye candies for this chilly Friday. More outfit posts coming up this weekend!

Some of the outfits I think I can defintely wear! I love that little black skirt especially!!

(all sources from Vogue UK )


GIAA said...

They have some really good pieces!

Arden said...

The skirt is awesome, and there will probably be some great finds in the home section. But will I wait in line for this? No. Not quite as good as I thought it would be, sadly :'( xx

F-frames said...

Wow..i can't wait to see more !!

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F-frames said...

I'm following you too (via google friend connect and bloglovin)!
Thank you, hope to see you soon on Frames

Sarah Lewis said...

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Kiki.Bourne said...

Stunning Shots! I am definitely lusting over that pink dress <3 WANT!
Xx Kiki

Maycie After Five said...

I love that black skirt as well. I am so curious to see what the quality of the Versace for H&M is going to be like.