Thursday, October 13, 2011

Unexpected shoot

I normally try to take blog pictures on my days off (Wed and Sun) but today I got an unexpected morning off and it was chilly!!! I was so happy! lol why? Because I can finally get to wear my Balenciaga moto jacket in black with silver hw! I bought this baby early in the summer (crazy) when HgBags had her earlier stocks in. I already have a Havana colour (see previous posts) but the black is a staple and it is actually slightly thinner so perfect for the early cold seasons!

I litereally asked the photographer man to stop the car when we drove pass this church building downtown. I fell in love with the staisr and the door front.

Jacket by Balenciaga via HgBags
Bag by Coach gathered leater Sophia via Coach
Sunnies by Sama
Earrings are chocolate diamond and white diamond from DH (anniversray present this year)


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We really love your outfit! You look gorgeously stunning! We love your style very much! So pretty, as always! :)

MUCH love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

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