Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pearl district and Pok Pok

A chilly gray day as usual for Portland. We went to the Pearl district in downtown Portland trying to capture the famous Fremont bridge.

Jacket: Balenciaga Motocycle leather jacket in black and silver hw (HgBags)
Scarf: Love Quotes in cobalt blue (Zappos)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Morning after bag in brown and white basketweave (Special Order from Rebecca Minkoff 2011)
Rest of the outfit are all "borrowed" from mum

We then went to a local Thai resturant called Pok Pok for lunch! The food here is fresh and very unique! It's defintely a crowd pleaser!

Red Slipper drink! Isn't it pretty?
Lunch: yellow curry noodle and their famous grilled chicken wings. Soooo yummy!
Dessert was vanila ice cream bathed in coffee with chinese fried donut, omg, heaven!
I am skipping the red carpet/academy award show. No worries, my DVR is taping them for me so I can forget all the commercial and watch it later haha :)

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Scarf crazy

Here they are, my entire scarf collection. We are not good at doing still shots on objects (yet) but we are working on it. Hang here with me lol.

All my Love Quotes scarves, cobalt blue, true love red and mango orange.
Next up, all my animal print themed scarves.
Far left (purple) is from Giordano, followed by Express. Far right is Alexader McQueen (birthday pressie from DH), the rest are from asia.
Floral themed! All from asia.
Last but not least, plaid! The recognizable iconic Burberry in cashmere. Everything else is from asia.

I promise we will try to make still shots better in the future. In the meantime, I should really think about not purchasing anymore scarves lol.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Quotes scarf facebook feature

If you have been reading my blog posts, you probably already know my love for scarves. Love Quotes, is one of my favourites. I found out about this brand via The Purse Forum (TPF) and I got my first LQ scarf last year. Since then I have collected two more making a total of 3. What I love about LQ scarf is the vibrant colours. The material is light and airy making layering very easy. It is also long so it keeps you warm and you can being really creative about how to tie/layer your scarf. I just love it!!

Love Quotes New York recently opened their facebook account and I was lucky enough being featuerd on their facebook wall! Check them out here
You can also view all of their pretty 2012 spring/summer colours on their official website! (I am so tempting to get all of them lol)

They are also doing their first giveway, more information please go to their facebook page Love Quote NYC

A quick look at all of my 3 LQ babies! (look for the entire scarf collection next)

Now the problem is, which one should you pick? Their spring 2012 colours have just been released on their website! Happy shopping LQers :)

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brown, red and black

I love pairing outfits with different colour scarves! I recently got this beautiful True Love Quotes scarf from Zappos (It went on sale so I snatched it instantly). I have always have a thing for anything red. This makes my thrid Love Quotes scarf! They are not too bulky, long and have great colour sturation so it makes outfits pairing very easy (plus it keeps me warm of course).

Pictures were taken near the famous Pearl District near downtown Portland. Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

Balenciaga motocycle jacket in Havana
Love Quotes scarf in True Love from Zappos
DV by Dolce Vita black suede booties from Endless
Bag by Rebecca Minkoff Covet in Cheetah hair from Endless


Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

InstaGram photos

Sorry for the lack of post these days. I have been very busy participating in sport tournament the past weekend but I am back now. In the meantime, you can checkout my instagram (kiwifashionblog) for some quick snap shots here and there :)

A quick instagram update, my trusty Celine Lipstick mini luggage hard at work!

What I am wearing on my left arm and hand :)

Look for more outfit posts later this week!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post Valentine's Day dinner

I am not big on going out to join the madness of V day dinner rush! DH and I did not really plan on going out at all but he still surprised me and took me out to one of Portlanders' favourite downtown spos, Andina
The food ranges from small plated Peruvian food loaded with flavours! The place is fun, lowkey and colourful! They often have live music and the atomosphere just makes you happy (have I mentioned about the food being ridiculous delicious yet?)
We forgot our camera that night so here are some from my Iphone using Instagram. You can also follow me on Instagram under Kiwifashionblog. I just started using it so there may not be a whole lot (yet) but defintely stay tuned lol.

Original Mojito drink coupled with sugar cane stick! Delicious!
Two kinds of fish cold cut plate!
Colouerful beets salad!
Famous dipping sauce for their home-made bread. It ranges from mild peanut butter, slightly spicy mango sauce to very spicy green pepper sauce!
Chicken and Octopus kabab style!
Ended the night with a big smile! I was so full! lol
Hope all of you had a great V day with or still search for your special someone :)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Airport field day

Our orignal plan today (Sunday) was to go visit Ikea (near the airport) for some bathroom cabinet. We ended up not finding anything at all but was forced to quickly browsed through the store due to the overwhelming crowd.
Bonus? We drove by the "cell phone waiting" area next by the airport and found this big empty field as background for pictures!

Big gray wool coat is a gift from mum
Levi's ID skinny jeans
Jeweled flats (first time wearing them out, ended up with blister, ouch)
Celine lipstick red mini lugguage
Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf from Saks
Sunnies by Lindberg
Earrings from Made by Sam (Etsy shop)

Have a great rest of the Sunday, xxx :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Inspirational fashionblooger in New Year Fashion Week 2012

New York Fashion Week! This is all over the fashion bloggers' news feed so I shall not bore you with it. Like many of you (new bloggers especially), I dream one day I will be able to attend NYFW! One day :)
In the meantime, I want to share with you some of my most favourite fashionista bloggers who I follow faithfully daily! Love their sense of styles, larger than life personalities and their creativity with fashion, art, food and everything in between!

Wendy's Lookbook, Wendy, based in LA. She is petite in size but with a huge warm heart . She knows howt dress to maximize her frame. I love her pull-back hairdo. It looks so chic!

This Chick's Got Style, Yara (what an unique name, love it), blogger and magazine editor from Amsterdam. She has a rocker-chic style but sometimes very ladylike. She does the Pop of Colour so well!

The Blond Salad, Chiara. Ok I think she is famous enough and probably does not need anymore mentioning. Italian fashion blogger/student. I am sure she was born with that amazing figure and those dreamy baby blue eyes. With her legs a mile long, she can pull off practically anything! She is the quintessential european fashionista!

Style Scarpook, Andy, a Mexican freelace stylist blogging from Amsterdam. She is probably the tallest blogger (at 180cm!) Her style is a bit free-spirit and sweet! What I like about her is her use of DIY ideas! She once made these awesome lace decoration on a pair of simple denim jacket. It looks literarly so couture I'd believe it's from the runway of a big designer (coming from someone like me who's challenged in the sewing department). Here is the finishing produt on her! Isn't it gorgeous?

Last but not least, my favourite blogger Song of Style Aimee. She is a Korean-American blogger/architect based in Southern California. Her style is edgy yet well put-together. I love her ombre long flowy hair and use of floppy hat, big fur and sky-high booties. Her style is chic hippie (in my own words haha)

(yes, I am just a little bit obsessed with her lol)

I hope to find some inspirations from these famous bloggers during NYFW and hopefully come up with some refreshing outfit posts in the next few days. In the meantime, happy blogging and styling everyone! xxx