Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post Valentine's Day dinner

I am not big on going out to join the madness of V day dinner rush! DH and I did not really plan on going out at all but he still surprised me and took me out to one of Portlanders' favourite downtown spos, Andina
The food ranges from small plated Peruvian food loaded with flavours! The place is fun, lowkey and colourful! They often have live music and the atomosphere just makes you happy (have I mentioned about the food being ridiculous delicious yet?)
We forgot our camera that night so here are some from my Iphone using Instagram. You can also follow me on Instagram under Kiwifashionblog. I just started using it so there may not be a whole lot (yet) but defintely stay tuned lol.

Original Mojito drink coupled with sugar cane stick! Delicious!
Two kinds of fish cold cut plate!
Colouerful beets salad!
Famous dipping sauce for their home-made bread. It ranges from mild peanut butter, slightly spicy mango sauce to very spicy green pepper sauce!
Chicken and Octopus kabab style!
Ended the night with a big smile! I was so full! lol
Hope all of you had a great V day with or still search for your special someone :)



Karolina B-H said...

Mojito mniammm ;) looks like you had a wonderful time :)

Like Mousse Au Chocolat said...

hummm looking good in my eyes.. now Im hungry lol nice blog ;)

Snow Black said...

That food looks good ! :-)

Clara Turbay said...

Full of style. Love it.

Vicky said...

Hey. Great pictures! I follow you & if you like follow me back! :)

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Little Tree Vintage said...

looks yummy! hope u had a good valentine's day :)

melody iliria said...

all of that food looks so yum! glad you had a fulfilling vday dinner =)

Martina said...

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