Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Perry, oh I love her!

I've only been to a few concerts on entire life lol
Last Friday DH took me to see Miss Katy Perry. I liked her, but didn't really know or think too much about her, but after the concert, I can say that I LOVE her. She is so genuine and cute. She reminds me of that eccentric girl Luna from the Harry Potter story lol but cooler and edgier!

This is my outfit before we were heading into the concert hall. Can you tell I was having trouble finding the tickets? I brought my Balenciaga Anthracite City with RGGH with me btw. Dress is by H&M I found in Toronto.

Here comes Katy!!

She has the cutiest blinged out pink guitar!

We had so much fun singing with her and dacning with the crowd! Katy! We love you! ;)

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