Monday, July 11, 2011

My mini holiday part 3

So I thought I'd continue with some more postings of my mini holiday.
We visited the great Niagara Fall from the Canadian side. The train ride from Windsor to Niagara Fall took about 4 hours. It's not the most comfortable train but I was glad it had Wi Fi so I could finally use the internet lol

Here is Niagara Fall! We took a LOT of pictures but of course I am just showing you a few of them lol

We were splashed!! The power of the fall is huge! And they were not yellow rubbish bag we were putting on lol They were provided by the park so people like me could protect my outfit and my leather bag :p

At the gift store I found these adorable walking sticks in animal and bug forms lol To bad my legs are working perfectly fine :p
Oh and a side note, everything especially food is VERY expensive there. A small bottle of water costs almost USD$5 (GST included). I wish I could just drink the fall water, at least it's fresh (looks it) and it's free haha.

I saw this cute Canadian policewoman! Quick, I needed to take a picture with her! She's so cute! I wonder how is she going to scare off the bad guys? Maybe there aren't any bad people in Niagara Fall lol

While waiting for the bus ride back to the trainstation, I was bored so DH and I wanted to show some PDA :p lol

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