Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rebecca Minkoff red hot beauty

Some of you may already know that I am a Rebecca Minkoff handbag fan. I have been loving her design for 3+ years now. Many bags came and left (because either the style or the colours did not work out for me) but I always have a place in my heart for RM!

Now, some of you may think this is very Chanel inspired. Trust me, I had a Chanel and it just didn't work for me. The style is somewhat boxy and I was afraid using it because it felt so dressy and too expensive to just carrying it out. Eventually I let it go. When I saw RM came out with the Affair style, I was so happy! With several leather and hardware colours to choose from, it'd be awesome if I could find one in the combo I love.

Most Affairs were made in the regular/medium size. I saw a large size Affair when I was up in Seattle last year and thought the size would work perfectly for me since I like medium to larger size bag anyway. Unfortunately the colour they had was not enough for me to pull the trigger, so I waited.

I stumbled upon this beautiful blood red Affair with my favourite rose gold HW yesterday. She was just sitting on the shelf, alone, and I was so happy to bring her home! (I previewed some of her pictures on my Instagram yesterday already).

Onto the pictures (sorry, all pictures were taken somewhat indoor since the weather became "normal" here again, raining and cold)

Skinny Levi's ID curve jeans
YSL Lapis Arty ring
Ivanka Trump Whisker pump in luggage (sale going on now, REALLY comfy pump)

This is the first day I got her, sitting comfortablely in my car with her new sister RM leopard Covet (you have see me carrying it many times)
Both via Instagram (@kiwifashionblog)

Today she was sitting my lap as we drove

Sorry for the photo overload lol but I really want to share my joy with you. It was a happy day for me to find this beautiful Affair!

Online places to find Reecca Minkoff
                                   Endless (my fav)



Mona - MyBeautifulBag said...

FINALLY I found your blog (through TPF :-))

Your red bag from Rebecca Minkoff is stunning! - My next bag is going to be red... And I've started the research!

ButterflyLilies said...

hi! found your blog through tPF. I LOVE this bag!! Im a sucker for red (just got a blood red MAM the other day)and a recent RM bag convert.

Following your blog to see all the many other RM goodies you'll be posting about :)

Arden said...

This red bag is amazing! Love it. xx

famoody said...

love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


Viv said...

wow that bag is gorgeous with your blue YSL ring!

KATEFP said...

Gorgeous photos dear! :') wanna follow each other on bloglovin? *.* kisses, KATEFP

Cindy said...


KATEFP said...

Following you on GFC too dear ;) but wanna also follow each other on bloglovin? *.* kisses, KATEFP

KATEFP said...

And in bloglovin ;)

Fabrizia said...

I like this post so much!!! These photos are amazing!!!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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Fabrizia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Of course I follow you back!
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Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!
Cosa mi metto???
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Kelly said...

Love the YSL Arty ring, it looks fabulous & your pic is making me want one

fshnonmymind said...

That bag is gorgeous! I even won't be mad that you gave up a Chanel. I would feel weird riding the subway with a ridiculously (but fabulous) bag on my arm every day.
The color is gorgeous and even better that you found it with rose gold hardware. I would love a bag with rose gold.

jas said...

stunning bag!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag!

Neat Bit said...

ooh looove! I have been eyeing this bag online (in black) but have wondered what it would look like in real life. Beautiful!