Thursday, March 1, 2012

Elle girl Japan

I came across this fabulous inspiration post by Fashionchalet today. It's a spread in Elle Girl Japan about bloggers around the world. Sometimes, when I am running dry on what to wear and put together, I will spend a couple of hours just browsing! There are so many amazing beautiful bloggers around the world that sometimes I can get lost in them.

Although I don't read Japanese, I am happy to just see all the lovely eye candies pictures on Elle Girl Japan Fashion Snap. Sometimes, pictures speak for themselves, right? Now click away! :>

p.s. weather has been crappy, no blog pictures until this weekend :<



Debbie said...

great outfits and inspiration!

Debbie said...

great outfits and inspiration!

Vicky said...

Hey. Great pictures! I follow you & if you like follow me back! :)

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Eva said...

I love foreign fashion magazines, you can just look at the pictures and make your own story in your head :)

Am2Pm Chic said...

Nice post !!!