Monday, April 2, 2012

Ikea Fun

This is one of the pictures that got left out from the last blog post at a Turkish restaurant when we had our family dinner. I ordered a pineapple drink and frankly it looked better than it tasted :p

Most of my outfits are borrowed from mum. She has loads of colourful summer dresses

Dad and a very tired me :p

Went to Ikea with family and stole some of the display for pictures lol

The colour of the bag is a deep red but the lighting made it looked raspberry here



Lisa said...

I like your background and of course your honest funny words at the beginning. Keep on posting!

Wanna follow each other? I start now;)

Kisses from Berlin

Little Tree Vintage said...

gorgeous! said...

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Unknown said...

Fabulous! As always!

Mehreen said...

hi lady! thanks so much for visiting my blog. just thought id give you a heads up that i am going to delete the comment b/c i'm not sure yet if i'm going to talk about my new watch on my blog :) thanks for understanding!!!

jas said...

great print!