Friday, October 26, 2012

Animal themed

Sorry for the lack of post this week. Two reasons, weather has been crappy and I have been too busy at work. (sigh)
No fears, here is a quick post to start off everyone's weeked! It seems so strange what I am wearing here is completely winter appropriate compare to my last few posts which were very early autumn-like. Sometimes I feel like autumn here in Portland is a mere 2 week long parade, a tease.
I am not huge on animal themed accessories. While I enjoy looking at others rocking theirs, I am carrying this leopard bag and grass green zebra top to finish off my Friday look. How do you add animal prints into your look?

Balenciaga Moto Jacket (get them here), Frye riding boots (I love these) and Rebecca Minkoff leopard Covet bag (other animal prints here)
Have a lovely weekend!


Sheila said...

Great outfit! I love the moto jacket. :)

Weather here has been crazy.... downpour of rain and hail then it's patches of sun. It's just a mess up here. hahaha...

Have a great weekend!

xo - Sheila

Anonymous said...

Love love love the handbag!! xo


Cathy said...

Fabulous casual look of mixed prints! Coveting the moto jacket! Skirt from where? :)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Hi Cathy thanks for the compliment :)
My mum bought me this skirt from overseas so I have no idea where lol sorry I wish I could tell you :(

Haley said...

Lovely outfit.

blackberryfashion said...

Amazing bag! :)

anoddgirl said...

In love with the jacket!!!

Chicks AboutFashion said...

Love the bag!


Chicks About Fashion

Elle Sees said...

following ya now! love the skirt :)

unitedcolorsofaggie said...

The bag is gorgeous!!!I can't see the top completely but from what I can see I love it!!! The jacket makes it more edgy:-) HAve a great weekend:-)

Emm said...

I love your boots:)

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My Scrambled Style said...

I love the mix of prints! Your bag is gorgeous!


The Fashion Minx said...

OMG I love this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous, and it looks great with your jacket! xo

Britt+Whit said...

love the jacket and ur purse! soo cute

love from San Francisco,

cecylia said...

beautiful outfit! Love your skirt!! The sepia photos are greta too