Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ocean princess at a garden party with Happiness Boutique

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Happiness Boutique  to feature one of their many beautiful statement necklaces on my blog as part of my Outfit of the Day post. After browsing through their website, I fell in love with this sapphire blue Ocean Treasure necklace. I have been loving the colour blue this season. Funny, I just to be a all red/pink kind of a girl. I think my love for the shade blue began when I first laid my eyes on a vintage blue sapphire ring I saw at our local antique jewellery store Glit. My heart literally skipped a beat. Although I did not end up be able to afford that drop dead gorgeous piece (one day one day...) I have completely converted to a blue lover.
Back to my outfit. It took me a while to decide which outfit I should be pairing with this necklace. I want my outfit to not be overwhelming but complimenting the necklace. I wore this aqua coloured dress to attend my brother's wedding 2 years ago and I think it looks quite nice with the necklace. The Ocean Treasure necklace has an adjustable chain link so it fits to virtually any neckline! I was too busy to go on "location" in the city for photos so I took the liberty of using my own backyard.
I hope you like what I have chosen. And yes, I am NOT wearing sunnies. I am usually very light sensitive that's why you almost always see me in shades to avoid odd squinting or closing my eyes :)
Check out Happiness Boutique. They ship worldwide and fast too. You can also join their Reward Program to earn points when you shop!
I hope your week is going well. My has been busy as always. Work has been slightly less stressful and I have been able to caught up with a few of the summer blockbusters. I highly recommend Mission Impossible 5 (action packed, not a dull moment),  Inside-out (cute and such unique ideas) and Ant-man (a light take on a Marvel superhero).  As always, thanks for reading my little casual blog!

Dress and cardigan from Asia, Ocean Treasure necklace from Happiness Boutique, sandals are Sam Edeman (last season but the Tina are very similar and on sale here)
 Ocean Treasure necklace c/o from Happiness Boutique, sandals are Sam Edeman



Cute dress :)
Maria V.

Mica T said...

That is a lovely necklace, and it's perfect with the neckline of your dress!

Your garden is a beautiful backdrop too, so don't feel bad about taking photos there! :)

Away From The Blue Blog


sO CUTE!!!

anoddgirl said...

such an adorable outfit

Anonymous said...

The necklace goes so well with the outfit, which is, by the way, gorgeous! Love the colour combination. Have a great weeked dear!

Vikee said...

You look beautiful
Gorgeous outfit

Love Vikee

Color Me Kiki said...

I love your dress, and that necklace is just so pretty! I've heard great things about Happiness Boutique. Great post!
xo Kiki

Tijana Momcilovic said...

great post!