Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Teddy bear cocoon coat and Chanel Le Boy bag

Every middle to end of winter, I tend to run out of idea of what to wear instead I'd retreat back to a big comfy (sometimes over-size) coat everyday. This coat almost did not make the cut during my culling closet December. It had been sitting in my closet for nearly two years unworn. My style tends to be focused on comfort and convenience. I thought the belt around the waist is cumbersome as I have to tie and untie it every time I want to wear it or take it off. I thought about just removing the belt all together but then I'd end up looking like I am wearing a giant shapeless sac, not exactly a good look.
Fast forward to January when temperature is dropping and that holiday weight is haunting everyone. Am I glad I kept this coat. It keeps me toasty warm and best of all hides all the lumps and bumps on the inside so I can pretend they are not there for a little bit :) Sometimes being a bit of a cloth hoarder has its advantage I guess. I still have a few more pieces of clothing I am keeping purely for sentimental reason. It is a work in progress but I am slowly de-cluttering my closet space.
Have you been culling your wardrobes? What is the hardest part for you? Please share with me.

Wool cocoon coat (old), Red caviar medium red Chanel Le Boy bag, Frey's Melissa button boots in burgundy (here), Etsy drusy earrings (similar ones here) and Lindberg sunglasses.

Hair is getting ridiculously long, going for a cut tonight!


Pearl in Fashion said...

This bag is looking so pretty!
Pearl in Fashion

Yun Fan said...

Thanks so much! It's my HG bag for 2015 👍🏻

Mica T said...

Your coat does look lovely and cosy, perfect for winter! :)

I'm always trying to declutter and downsize my wardrobe - I have a hard time letting things go, haha! So I don't have any really good advice to share!

Away From The Blue Blog

J. said...

All the pieces look great together!

Anonymous said...

The coat looks lovely! I would hold on tho that one as well. I normally have no issues getting rid of clothes. If I haven't worn it for more than 12 months, it's good to go ;)

Yun Fan said...

Haha thanks Mica! How about a YouTube video suggestion for you? A decluttering video maybe after the pregnancy?

Yun Fan said...

Thanks Anouk! I think I tend to hold on to items for a bit longer but I do agree, 12 months is a good length of time :)

Vikee said...

You look beautiful
Gorgeous ensemble

Love Vikee