Thursday, June 2, 2016

Get ready, hat, go!

We have survived winter and it is officially (or non official?) summer here in the Pacific Northwest! My toes are secretively the happiest when it comes to warmer weather because they can finally come out of socks and closed shoes. They honestly need a breather (and a pedicure, which since I got gotten). I plan on adding a couple of pairs of sandals this summer. I am all about comfort so I am looking forward to start my hunt for some new brands I have never tried before. Do you have any suggestions? I am not a heel girl and my favourite type of sandals for summer are flats or wedge. So far my favourite brands are Sam Edelman and Birkenstocks but I can not wear the later to work so I will need to search for more options.
What are you doing to kick start a new season? For those southern hemisphere readers, I bet you are bundling up with cool jackets and cozy scarves! Whatever you are doing to revamp your wardrobe, I hope you are having loads of fun doing so :)

Hat by Goorin Brothers, Gladiator sandals by Sam Edelman (two years ago, old), Chanel Le Boy medium size bag and Lindberg sunglasses.

Pendent from Na Hoku purchased in Honolulu, Hawaii (my is in rose gold, here is in yellow gold), Drusy ear studs from Etsy (round version here)


Mica T said...

Love your printed maxi skirt and your boy bag is beautiful as always :)

We are definitely layering up here - the summer temperatures finally went away a couple days before the start of winter, hehe! Enjoying boots and cardis and scarves :) All the things you're happy to be leaving behind!

Away From The Blue Blog

Yun Fan said...

Haha Mica I'm kind of glad there are two total opposite weathers! I mean I'm all yay for summer but it's a nice to get a mixed of things! We always want what we can't have. In a month or two, we are going to hear people saying that are sick of their current weather again :p

Anonymous said...

Love your sunnies! I recently found great sandals at Michael Kors when I was in LA. They have nice types to choose from. Hope you will find the right pair for you!


Yun Fan said...

Thank you! I have never looked at MK brand. I think I was mostly put off by his copycat Handbags and a lot of loud logo and hardware.
I will do a post once I find some new sandals! Thanks for sharing your experience with me :)

Vikee said...

You look amazing
Fabulous outfit

Love Vikee

Jointy&Croissanty said...

I like this skirt and these sandals are also awesome!:)

sonia de macedo said...

Oooh how exciting! I haven't really stocked up for warmer clothing, though I desperately need to. I've been succumbing to accessories lately. In terms of sandals have you tried "Ancient Greek Sandals"? They have some unique and cool winged designs, I think they're super fun and think they may be right up your alley too