Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going, gone boho

One of my favourite bloggers is Natalie Suarez from Natalie Off Duty. She is the ultimate bohemian queen in my opinion. Besides her ridiculous long legs and adorable face (and hair, and eyes etc etc), she has a very unique fashion sense. She is constant on the edge of modern city girl chic mix with a bit of  a laid back boho vibe. She looks like she can literately just throw whatever pops in her mind on and make it work. I guess when you have the body and the look, things should be relatively easy.  
Here is my conservative version of "boho" chic. I acquired this long ruffled skirt a few days ago and have been wondering if I can even pull it off. Truth is, it probably does not matter as long as I myself feels comfortable with it. I decided to throw on a slouchy knit top with a more modern jacket and off to work I went.

If you are into the occasion boho look, go check out Natalie's blog and be inspired. As far as myself goes, one piece at a time, I tell myself. Who knows, maybe dreadlocks will be in my future. Hope the new year has been good so far! Happy late 2015 :)

Sam Edelaman booties (old sold out but love this pair), Balenciaga Coquelicot City bag, Baublebar 360 pearl earrings (here)

Thanks so much for reading :)


Mica T said...

That is a really cute skirt! I like your yellow top too, very fun! :)

There is something about the boho look, so relaxed and hassle-free, that I think everyone loves! :)

You're right, as long as you feel happy wearing it, you can pull off anything! :)

Away From The Blue

Anonymous said...

I think feeling comfortable in what we wear is what fashion should be about! The skirt certainly looks like it. The blog you name sounds familiar but I need to have a look to see if I recognize the blogger.

Fabiola Tinelli said...

Love this skirt, a boho touch to the look!

Vikee said...

Beautiful dear

Love Vikee

Sonia De Macedo said...

I actually pulled out a similar teal hued skirt the other day that I used to live in years ago. I put it back though because the length was so awkward but I think I am going to reach for it soon and just wear it. Like you said it's how you carry yourself that counts