Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Tulip Festival

Happy middle of the week everyone. Today's outfit is just something I threw together in less than ten seconds. The original plan was to wear thr (not shown) beautiful floral full skirt from my friend Thao (in Seattle) that she recently sent me in a goodie box. It is gorgeous and so perfect for spring but until I put it on I realized the waist is a bit too tight on me. I plan on taking it to the tailor to have it loosen up so I can show you what it looks like (and to Thao too). I will show it in a future post :)
With the weather being so unstable (fluctuates between 10 degree C in a day), how do you dress in the morning? I know layering is probably the best way but sometimes I am just too lazy to take extra layers with me. Soon after these photos were taken, I was sweating pretty badly (TMI I know lol).
One new accessory I can show you are my new Vince leather slip on shoes from Shopbop (here) which I picked up recently during their Friends and Family sale. I am still in the process of breaking them in but so far so good :)

I want to squeeze in a picture of the Oregon Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival we visited yesterday. It was windy and cold but we managed to snap some beautiful shots while we were there :)
Aren't they beautiful? It's like being in a sea of flowers <3


Anonymous said...

How nice that your friend sent you this lovely skirt. It's perfect for the current season! And the tulips look so beautiful. Have a happy rest of the week!

Mica T said...

the tulip festival sounds lovely and you got some great pics! :)

I like the cute pom pom on your PS1 bag too, ties in nicely with the blue embroidery on your skirt :)

Away From The Blue

Katies said...

You have amazing shoes:)

Michaela Vašková said...

Such a beutiful skirt!