Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tartan dress for spring

Who says tartan is only for cold weather? Not I, for sure. Don't let the pattern fool you. The material for this dress (actually it is a sleeveless dress with a top over it) is sheer and lightweight. I don't know about you but I am someone who is always on the cold side. I tend to always have a jacket with me even in the summer time. So to me, this design is perfect because it covers my arms and with my trusty long socks, I think I am well protected for this very temperamental early spring weather. I hope the pictures are doing the dress justice. I absolutely love the sheer back too. Some of you may think these slip on sneakers I am sporting here don't quite go with the dress but I am completely smitten with them so I don't really care if they didn't :)
Hope you all are having a good day. I have a few busy days ahead at work so I am very much looking forward to the weekend ahead!

Bear two tartan dress, Givenchy small Antigona bag, Vince slip on sneakers (here, true to size) and Lindberg sunglasses.


Beauty said...

The color and print of the dress is lovely and yes Tartan prints can be worn in spring too. Like you, I like to have a jacket or blazer with me at all times because the temperature changes so quickly sometimes. I hope you get to have the rest and fun you need.

Mica T said...

I like the tartan print on you! :) almost a retro inspired look with the knee high socks too! :)

And I think flat shoes are great with this - sometimes you just have to wear what is comfortable and practical, and black flat shoes can't really clash with an outfit, they are a staple basic! :)

Good luck with the rest of your work week!

Away From The Blue

Stephanie G said...

Love the outfit especially the bag!!

Fabiola Tinelli said...

Lovely look dear!!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute ensemble, including the socks! I also tend to feel cold most of the time :)

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Right? It must be the weather here. Even though the sun may be shinning, as soon as I step into the shade I feel cool and at night defiantly cold! I can't ever leave the house without a light jacket haha

Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

Thanks Mica! Haha if you had seen my socks and shoes combo yesterday you would have laughed! I wasn't thinking clearly before leaving to work and ended up with the most ugliest pair of socks (it may still be up on my snapchat If you fancy for a laugh lol Kiwitweedy is my snapchat ID)

Sabrina said...

That dress looks really lovely on you! And I honestly never would have thought to wear socks like that with tartan, but you are totally pulling it off.


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