Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cool tones

While it is not cold enough to wear coats and scarves, it is definitely cool enough to wear lightweight cotton jacket. I scored this versatile utilitarian jacket at Banana Republic at 50% off. I am only 163cm (5'4) so the petite version fits me perfectly. For those shorter girls out there, don't you just hate it when your jacket's sleeves are so long they pass your whole hands? Sometimes I wondered if I just have short limbs?!
With this very casual jacket, I thought I'd pair it with my semi casual laced sneakers I got last spring by Ash. They are more comfortable with the traditional Converse (with padded sole) and a little bit more girly with the lace details. The only complain I have with them is the silky shoe lace. They become undone quite easily when I wear them. For how pretty they are, I think I can live with that :D

Banana Republic Military Jacket (online on sale here, but try to go into the store for better deal), Ash Lace High Top Sneakers (still some on sale here), Zara Stripped cotton T, Balenciaga City bag in Lazuli (lapis) and Lindberg sunglassess.

Downtown Portland is changing. Sky scrappers are coming up everywhere. It's bitter sweet as the city progressively grows but also comes with overwhelmingly population density increase and congested traffic. I guess this is part of an urban city that is booming.


Beauty said...

I like the jacket; the color is lovely and so is the fit.

Mica T said...

I find petite tops perfect sleeve length-wise too! Often I'm wearing jackets that are too long as I can't find any good petite jackets haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

Yun Fan said...

Thanks my girl!!

Yun Fan said...

Are you petite also? I never realised!!

Andrea Brito said...

I really love your parka! Nice look!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're way taller than me! The jacket is a great find; looks like it has been tailor-made for you ;)

Yun Fan said...

We may be short but we are a full package lol high five to that :)

Vikee said...

You look amazing
Nice ensemble

Love Vikee

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