Thursday, March 3, 2016

Midi skirt obsession

Being a curvy and petite girl, skirts have always been my best fashion friend. My favourite kind of skirt is an A-line style. It makes my waist smaller and hide my fuller bottom perfectly. I  wear skirt in almost all occasions. Last year when I went to Japan and practically walked 8-10 hours a day, I was mostly in skirts. I pair skirts with high boots, Maryjane, slip-ons, booties and even Birkenstocks. I don't limit on only wearing tights either. I s have alot of high socks that I wear them with skirts during spring.
Last week when we had a day trip to Seattle, I found this pretty plaid one in Zara. It does not have any lining and I love the faux wrap design. I immediately knew it is coming home with me. Unless my body shape miraculously changed, I think I will live in skirts for the rest of my life.
I also want to recommend (and I am certainly not sponsored) Milkyway phone cases. I bought three during their sale last year and I must say for someone who is fairly rough with her phone, this case has proven to be able to take some beatings. They have a variety of selection in both clear and wood finish. I personally love the clear ones. They do beautiful artwork as well as funny catch phrases. Get more than one together with a friend to save on shipping. I am sure you will find something that makes you smile :)

Balenciaga motocycle jacket in Havanna (2012 model), Rebecca Minkoff Love bag in Moon (similar one in Cobalt here), Zara Wrap skirt (get it here), YogaStudio pom pom and Sam Edelman booties.

"Hello, it's me"

Milkyway Humming Bird Iphone 6 clear case (choose from many selections here)
Yay for upcoming warmer weather :) Thanks so much for reading.


Mica T said...

I know your post is all about that skirt, but that always has me wishing for one, haha!

I'm definitely more of a jeans person than a skirt person but I do agree that skirts are awesome! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Yun Fan said...

Haha thanks Mica! Like I said, bal jackets are my biggest investment pieces ever. I'm glad I have found so many good uses on them both <3

Anonymous said...

What the skirts are for you, dresses are for me. I have practically eliminated all kinds of trousers from my wardrobe. What I love about skirts is that you don't have to think about combining tops and bottoms. And as with skirts, they can flatter your body ;)

Yun Fan said...

I totally agree! Skirts and dresses are just women's best friends. They are the pieces that are designed for us to wear. While I do enjoy jeans in my earlier days I'm all about the feminine pieces these days :)

Cara E said...

Looks so cute on you! X

Yun Fan said...

Thanks so much :)

Vikee said...

You look amazing

Love Vikee

Adeola Naomi said...

Love the skirt!