Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Meet my new bag: the Chloe Faye

If you follow my Instagram (kiwifashionblog follow me here) you would have already seen the newest addition to my bag collection, The medium Chloe Faye bag in navy. Rewind to approximately a year ago when I decided to declutter my bag collection. Gradually over a span of 10-12 months I got rid of eight handbags (consigned, sold online or donated). I rarely buy bags on impulse. And over the years of collecting, I learnt what works and what does not work for me. I keep most of my bags in my collection for at least 4+ years. Long story short, I was getting a bit tired of alot of my handbags hence the decluttering process was initiated.
Towards the end of last year, I started seeing this beautiful Chloe Faye bag popping up on social media. I have always loved the craftsmanship of Chloe handbags. The only reason I never really got one was the weight issue. Their bags are often made so well with nice substantial leather it adds so much weight to the bag even being empty. If I am going to spend that much on a brand new bag, it better be practical for me, I told myself. So the research continued. I normally give myself time to test out my love for a new handbag. If the affection dissipates within a month or two, then I know the bag isn't for me. However with the Faye, I knew it will be a timeless classic piece.
About a month ago, we made a spontaneous day trip up north to Seattle. I thought I'd just stop by at Neiman Marcus in Bellevue WA to see if they even have the Faye in stock (as my local department store told me a few times they are so popular they couldn't keep them on the shelve for too long). A friendly and helpful Sales Associate named Iris assisted and gave me great advice to decide on the medium size instead of the small. I had to wait a week before a new bag could be send to me. But, Chloe did not disappoint. After impatiently waiting for a week, this beautiful gem appeared in front of my eyes and it was love at first sight :)
I hope you like the Faye as much as I do. The slim silhouette of the bag keeps it close to the body while carrying it. The suede on the flap is done beautifully and who can ignore that beautiful o-ring clasp with the chain (it is magnetic). You can still get the Faye off Neiman Marcus' website here. They even have it in several leather and colour combinations. A handbag lover will understand sometimes it is the shallow materialistic thing (I am ashamed to admit that) that makes your heart sing or skip a beat.

Uniqlo legging pants (here, the next best thing than maxi skirt for curvy girls), Sam Edelman Petty booties (here) and Lindberg sunglasses.
Pray for Brussels, my heart goes out to all the affected victims #peace


Beauty said...

I love the look and the Faye bag is very sleek and chic.

Yun Fan said...

Thanks so much! I am so glad to find a bag that makes me this excited :)

anoddgirl said...

ahhhh love your bag!

Yun Fan said...

Thanks so much! It is a gem :)

Tijana Momcilovic said...

adorable post again ! :)

Anonymous said...

The bag looks fabulous! You picked a beautiful colour. Enjoy your bag!

Yun Fan said...

Thanks so much Anouk!!

Mica T said...

That is a gorgeous bag and I love it in the navy colour! The medium size is perfect on you.

There's nothing long with a little light-hearted indulgence of a pretty bag now and then! :)

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