Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Floral puffy dress for hot summer day

It's warm today, WARM!! I finally get a chance to wear this bubble flora summer dress that my mother "loaned" me lol (by loaning I really mean I am having it haha).

I am paring it with a denim cropped top for indoor but I will be wearing it without the jacket most of the day though.

I am carrying my Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Noir (gold crackled) City.

The denim jacket came with a big flower brouch, very Carrie Bradshaw ish lol


Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous dress. Love the print!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

being a backstage diva

Paulina said...

I love the dress! I think the denim jacket makes it look a little bulky though. I feel like it's not fitted enough at the top? Maybe you could go with a light cardigan next time? Although that is kind of a typical outfit then.

The Odd and Chic said...

Great versatile dress - could even wear it to work :-)!