Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ombre hair colour

Ok 2011 was the year of ombre colouring on hair. You see it everywhere. But is it still in this year?
I had highlights put in my hair about 6-7 months ago (see here). Since then I became a bit fixitated on colouring. At first, I thought the idea of this "ombre colouring" is nuts! It's bascially a faded out all over colouring, no? But then, the more I looked at it, the more obsessed I became!

What do you think? Ombre hair for me, yes, or no??

I found these pictures from "Instyle Magazine" and they were raving about the 2012 colour is an all over deeper richer tone, what do you think?


Luna S said...

i say go for it! good luck x


Veronica P. said...

great !

Rachel said...

I really like this ombre-ing (spelling) effect. Especially Rachel Bilson, I feel like she pulls it off well.

canvasofculture said...

love this trend so much! haven't seen it look bad on anyone:)

alicia said...

love this!